Chap. 3 – essays


In the spiritual energy that relieves
The anguish of beings in misery and
Places depressed beings in eternal joy
I lift up my heart and rejoice.
In the ocean-like virtue of the Bodhimind
That brings joy to all beings
And in accomplishing the well-being of others,
I lift up my heart and rejoice.
To the Buddhas of the ten directions
I join my hands in respect
Let blaze the light of Dharmas truth
For the beings lost in darkness
To the Buddhas considering parinirvarna
I join my hands in prayer
Do not abandon the beings in sorrow
But remain and teach for countless ages.
May any spiritual energy thus generated
By my devotion to the enlightened ones
Be dedicated to dispelling the misery
Of living beings without exception.

As long as diseases afflict living beings
May I be the doctor, the medicine
And also the nurse
Who restores them to health.
As long as diseases afflict living beings
May I be the doctor, the medicine
And also the nurse
Who restores them to health.
May I fall as rain to increase
The harvests that must feed living beings
And in ages of dire famine
May I myself serve as food and drink.
My body, every possession
And all goodness, past, present and future
Without remorse I dedicate
To the well-being of the world.
Suffering is transcended by total surrender
And the mind attains to nirvana.
As one day all must be given up,
Why not dedicate it now to universal happiness?
May no one who encounters me
Ever have an insignificant contact.
Regardless whether those whom I meet
Respond towards me with anger or faith,
May the mere fact of our meeting
Contribute to the fulfilment of their wishes.
May the slander, harm
And all forms of abuse
That anyone should direct towards me
Act as a cause of their enlightenment.
May I act as the mighty earth
Or like the free and open skies
To support and provide the space
Whereby I and all others may grow.
Until every being afflicted by pain
Has reached nirvanas shores,
May I serve only as a condition
That encourages progress and joy.
They who out of wisdom
Have seized the supreme Bodhimind
Praise, glorify and rejoice in it,
That it may grow to fulfilment.
File:Ideal cut dm.jpg
‘Like a blind man fumbling in garbage
Happens to find a rare and precious gem,
Likewise I have discovered
The jewel of the precious Bodhimind.
Like a blind man fumbling in garbage
Happens to find a rare and precious gem,
Likewise I have discovered
The jewel of the precious Bodhimind.
Thus was found this supreme ambrosia to dispel
The Lord of death, destroyer of life;
An inexhaustible treasure able to cure
The poverty of all sentient beings.

The Bodhimind is a great radiant sun
To disperse the darkness of unknowing…
The Bodhimind is a great radiant sun
To disperse the darkness of unknowing,
And it is the very essence of butters
Gained from churning the milks of Dharma.
For all guests on the roads of life
Who would take the very substance of joy,
Here is the actual seat of true happiness,
A veritable feast to satiate the world.
Thus today in the presence of all awakened Ones
I invite every living being to this festival
Giving both immediate and lasting joy.
May the gods and all others rejoice.

A Bodhisattva’s Way of Life

In order to seize that precious mind
I offer now to the Tathagatas,
To the sacred Dharma, the stainless jewel,
And to the Sons of Buddha, the oceans of
Whatever flowers and fruits there are
And whatever kinds of medicine,
Whatever jewels exist in this world
And whatever clean refreshing waters;
Likewise gem-encrusted mountains,
Forest groves, quiet and joyful places,
Heavenly trees bedecked. with flowers
And trees with fruit-laden branches;
Fragrances of the celestial realms,
Incense, wishing trees and jewel trees,
Uncultivated harvests, and all ornaments
That are worthy to be offered;
ch. 5

Being very resolute and faithful,
Steady, respectful, polite,
I should strive to make others happy.
ch. 5

Just as I would be attentive and careful of a
When amidst a bustling uncontrolled crowd,
So I should always guard the wound of my
When dwelling among harmful people.

I should say, “Well said,” to all those
Who speak Dharma well,
And if I see someone doing good
I should praise him and be well pleased.

I should discreetly talk about the good
qualities of others
And repeat those that others recount.
If my own good qualities are spoken about
I should just know and be aware that I have

All deeds of others are the source of a joy
That would be rare even if it could be bought
with money.
Therefore I should be happy in finding this
In the good things that are done by others.

Never, even at the cost of my life,
Should I forsake a spiritual friend
who is wise in the meaning of the great
And who is a great Bodhisattva practitioner.

ch. 7

What is enthusiasm?
It is finding joy in what is wholesome.
“If they develop the strength of their
Even those who are flies, mosquitoes, bees
and insects
Will win the unsurpassable Awakening
Which is so hard to find.”

So, if I do not forsake the Bodhisattvas’ way
of life
Why should someone like myself who has
been born in the human race
Not attain Awakening, since I am able to
What is beneficial and what is of harm?
ch. 8

Having in such ways as these
Thought about the excellences of solitude,
I should completely pacify distorted
And meditate on the Awakening Mind.
ch. 2

Therefore I now seek refuge
In the Buddhas who protect the world,
Who strive to shelter all that lives
And with great strength eradicate all fear.

Having in this way developed peacefulness,
I should generate joy for solitude.
The fortunate ones stroll in forests,
Devoid of disputes and disturbing
(They live) in joyful houses of vast flat
Cooled by the sandal-scented moonlight,
Fanned by the peaceful, silent forest breeze,
Thinking of what is of benefit for others.
They dwell for as long as they wish
In empty houses, at the feet of trees and in
Having abandoned the pain of clinging to and
guarding (possessions),
They abide independent, free of care.
Living as they choose, desireless,
Having no ties with anyone –
Even the powerful have difficulty finding
A life as happy and content as this.


All other virtues are like the plantain tree;
For after bearing fruit they simply perish.
But the perennial tree of the Awakening
Unceasingly bears fruit and thereby
flourishes without end.

Energy of Mindfulness
A few years ago, while listening to a dharma talk by Thay, I heard about this for the first time, and it really clicked with me. There are many ways to view the universe, life, and the rest. . . and in the quest for understanding, overcoming afflictive emotions is very useful. In fact in life in general it is very useful.

Meditation and the rest, are useful, but when I first heard the concept of the Energy of Mindfulness, it was quite wonderful. Basically, it’s an energy just like any other. . . The normal way of meditation, to simply be without attachment, words, or goals, is very lovely, yet the idea of an energy of mindfulness can be quite potent as well. As he explained it in that talk, we sort of develop, and build up this energy, and it is like a buoy, and then when afflictive emotions or states are encountered, they bounce more harmlessly off.

This was around the same time I created my practice of strengthening, healing, and liberating; when I got in touch with the quickest way to reach self-trust, at least for me, and began that practice.

Thay also talks about the energy of mindfulness along with the energy of love frequently, I find that quite pleasant.

The talk I remember listening to was from within a decade, or 15 years ago, yet he also mentions the energy of mindfulness a while before that. I believe he kept growing, quite a bit, and developed it further, but he was already incredibly wise when he had this interview with Ram Dass, and he speaks of it here.

This talk is about transforming anger with the energy of mindfulness and love, he says, take care of it with love and compassion; for your anger is part of you, and embracing it with the energy mindfulness and love is taking good care of it.

This practice is really effective and can be adapted to suit one’s own circumstance very well.

Ram Dass interviewing Thich Nhat Hanh (google vid)
While I was hanging out in a tree, I thought, here and now would be the time and place to discuss protections. . . Every wisdom tradition has them. I have spent a great deal of my life studying these, in order to understand this fascinating aspect of spirituality. Buddhism has them in the form of Sutras, and Mantras, there are hundreds, I practice maybe 5-10 of several traditions each fairly regularly. One for instance from Buddhism is the Medicine Buddha Mantra; which is said to bring vast amounts of healing energy, merely seeing it once, or an image of the Medicine Buddha – yet not only healing and liberating, many of these mantras are also used to protect from all future harm. . . Hinduism and Buddhism have hundreds or thousands; these I am most familiar with, although as I have studied wisdom traditions and the world’s cultures, I’ve found they’re in every culture.

What are your thoughts on protections, do you have some favorites?

Om Sravasti, Namaste,
Om Shanti,

May all beings be healthy and happy.
being guided, protected, & blessed
Having faith in oneself is one of the highest ideals because all wisdom, all strength, all health, and all peace is already within every living being. So having faith in ourselves is one of the keys to unlocking such things. All of our ancestors are here with us, at all times, leading us, guiding us, and we can find their wisdom without any time at all, if we are quiet, and listen. There is wisdom going back not just hundreds, or thousands, but even billions of years that is accessible, with the right way of finding it. Mostly, it requires spending time in nature, where one’s spirit can fully free itself, feel the vastness, free-flowing spirit of nature which is always our own spirit, but is more easy to view without walls around us. The next best thing to this would be a calm, quiet room, or a temple or holy place. Indeed there is no real difference between inside and outside – so even being inside is also being outside, and within and part of nature.

Being devoted to ideals such as kindness, compassion, wisdom, and selfless service also help to elevate the spirit to its natural place, in a much more accelerated fashion. The reason is that these immediately come back to ourselves, when we send love out, we are receiving love back; and by taking care of the world around us, the plants, the animals, primarily the balance and species life, then we receive the most benefit from our own actions.

But there is this innate wisdom within us, that’s always accessible to guide us. This is why trusting ourselves is the truest form of religion or faith – then we may learn from all, without losing our compass. This is the sort of magical way to regain all of one’s power and sovereignty – by not giving it away to coorporations, or consumerism, or things like this. . . Truly, no coorporation has any power of me whatsoever, if I exempt myself from their game completely, which I have. I still love them – as they are human beings, running it, they are my brothers and sisters, I care about them as much as anyone, and they are part of my life; part of the universal system of life which is interconnected – so they are part of my life, but they are the past. . .

Ecology is our true wealth – pure and perfect health is our true wealth; and this is possible to attain in this lifetime, without anything external but a few foods (the healthier the better), and living below the sky and sunshine. . Our true wealth comes from the earth – it is her biodiversity, balance, and abundance, and what makes this natural wealth poorer makes us all poorer, and what does good for the balance, abundance, and life of the ecology, this is for the good of all. This is the one true good in the world today.

So spirituality to me does nothing if it does not produce transformation in the way we deal with planet earth – it seems quite natural, that what is good for the mother earth as a whole, as an ecosystem, a balance and harmony of life, that is good for all of us, that is the true good – and what harms the balance – that is to be avoided. Social justice and peace work too – are very important, naturally – as these are very interconnected. .

Anyway – to get back to the topic of bein guided, protected, and blessed – and how to achieve these – faith in oneself, and sharing that light with others, this is the path I believe will do the most good. All that is necessary is to be strong – to be kind – to be patience –

‘We should serve others without any expectations whatsoever. When others throw thorns at us, we should be able to throw flowers back at them.’

Amma quotes (link)

Also – to be able to look ahead; to see danger from miles away and to avoid it – to protect and keep ourselves safe, and our family. Protect our loved ones. I’ve found it’s generally possible to do so with kindness; with peace work – I do not believe I could ever be harmed; and I would share this with others. . May all be safe, protected from harm, and well and healthy. It is a great crime to believe that for one to be happy and healthy, another must be pushed down. The simple proof of this is that two people can be happy together – completely happy, perfect and total peace, happiness, love – and if two can be happy together, then all can be. It is true that life consists on life – but it is also possible to give everything, and to take nothing – or virtually nothing; in other words, live with an effectively zero harmful effect on the environment. And if we are not perfect – which I am not – at least, we can make tremendous strides for this in our lives, reducing our consumption by 95-99%. . do it and share, encourage it and do it. Every divine teacher taught in this same way – go and find the infinite peace, then you can share it.

Teach our best to our children – and then let them lead us. . . it would make little sense to give all of our very best wisdom in life, all our best hopes, strength, encouragement, to our children, and then not expect them to be able to lead us one day; to surpass us in love, kindness, strength, wisdom, peace, clarity and understanding. . . Indeed –

‘Grown men may learn from very little children, for the hearts of little children are pure, and, therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss.’ Black Elk

or from Christ –

Mathew 18.2-4
‘And He called a child to Himself and set him before them, and said, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.…”‘

Black Elk again;
‘The Great Spirit is everywhere; He hears whatever is in our minds and our hearts, and it is not necessary to speak to Him in a loud voice.’

or Rumi – ‘Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.’

So where is that Great Spirit? You — me — it — her — us — them — it is everything, and everyone. All forms and beings have this boundless, infinite nature, at the highest reality all are affecting each other instantly. . each form affects all other forms, in one vast, dancing, infinite motion of fractal.
Besides wisdom from all our ancestors – which is available to us when we but seek it, when we are quiet and listen – there is infinite peace, bliss and awareness within every form of the universe – that is our nature, our birthright – not by grace, but by inheritance. We are heirs to immortal bliss. So is it possible to experience infinite peace in this life? Very much so, and it’s well worth it. High visions aside – glimpses of the infinite aside – it is possible to integrate all of these visions into daily life, into worldly life. To stay in the state where we are always guided, always blessed and protected, by higher wisdom. . Again, one of the very most important keys is faith in ourselves – as the third Patriarch of Zen said, as Vivekananda said, it lets us see everything.

All of that clarity, all of that wisdom – what of it, what does it mean? It means we do not err – we see clearly. Enlightenment includes some of those higher visions, such as seeing the infinite fractal pattern, and knowing it in its fullness, infinite bliss, peace, and awareness – but after integrating it, it is simply acting with kindness, with peace, with patience, with strength and understanding – it is seeing things clearly. E.g., a la Bankei,

‘When someone tosses you a tea bowl—
Catch it!
Catch it nimbly with soft cotton,
With the cotton of your skilful mind.’

Bankei (link)

And when we sing, with simple happiness, peace and love, say, a simple verse like Hanh’s,

‘The mind may go in a thousand directions
But on this lovely day, I walk in peace,
WIth each step, a gentle wind blows,
With each step, a flower blooms.’

Say, sing it for sacred cows, or something like this – this is beautiful meditation, that rings throughout the world. Seek peace and find it, is definitely the one primary path known the whole world over. And then share it.

Black Elk quotes (link site)
And help bring pure and perfect health and peace back into the world – by first finding them, and then sharing them.

Why it is necessary to attain liberation oneself before returning to the world to engage in peace work is expressed well by Milarepa,

‘It is difficult to meet success in the effort to insure one’s own spiritual welfare, even without seeking to benefit others. If you seek another’s spiritual welfare before attaining your own, it would be like a helplessly drowning man trying to save another man in the same predicament. Therefore, one should not be too anxious and hasty in setting out to save others before one has, oneself, realized Truth in Its fullness. That would be like the blind leading the blind. As long as the sky endures, there will be no dearth of sentient beings for you to serve, and your opportunity for such service will come. Till it does, I exhort each one of you to keep but one resolve: namely, to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all living creatures.’

Once you find that wisdom, strength, and peace, pure health and life, then the best work will come.

Milarepa quotes One little angel site (link)
putting it into action to save earth

in other words,

save her by leaving her alone.
if one talks about spiritual things, but still rampages the earth,

that is not so good,
and indeed – the simple, powerful fact is that earth will heal very adequately –

primarily, there is nothing to do. humanity is filled with so much beauty –

so much love and happiness – there is an unlimited amount,
once we are able to access it.
the main way to access it is to turn direction inwards – turn the heart and mind to stillness,

and in stillness – one tremendous ally is slowness.

as they say, in buddhism, in some ancient scrolls, a slow mind is slow to anger.

non-attachment is the path to stillness and compassion.

to save the earth, we must merely leave her alone – pave not an inch of her,
to do this, the solution is to share peace –

seek it, and then share it – experience speaks it –

peace cannot be shared, unless one has attained it.


‘Maintain the state of undistractedness, and distractions will fly away. Dwell alone, and you shall find the Friend. Take the lowest place, and you shall reach the highest. Hasten slowly, and you shall soon arrive. Renounce all worldly goals, and you shall reach the highest Goal. If you follow this unfrequented path, you will find the shortest way. If you realize Sunyata (the absolute Emptiness), compassion will arise within your hearts; and when you lose all differentiation between yourself and others, then you will be fit to serve others.’
on the importance of attaining peace before working to teach:

‘It is difficult to meet success in the effort to insure one’s own spiritual welfare, even without seeking to benefit others. If you seek another’s spiritual welfare before attaining your own, it would be like a helplessly drowning man trying to save another man in the same predicament. Therefore, one should not be too anxious and hasty in setting out to save others before one has, oneself, realized Truth in Its fullness. That would be like the blind leading the blind. As long as the sky endures, there will be no dearth of sentient beings for you to serve, and your opportunity for such service will come. Till it does, I exhort each one of you to keep but one resolve: namely, to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all living creatures.’
on the value of doing it now:

‘Life is short, and the time of death is uncertain; so apply yourselves to meditation. Avoid doing evil, and acquire merit, to the best of your ability, even at the cost of life itself. In short, act so that you will have no cause to be ashamed of yourselves; and hold fast to this rule.’
a few others:
‘Accustomed long to meditating on the Unborn, the Indestructible, the Unchanging, I have forgotten all definitions of this or that particular goal.’
‘Accustomed long to applying each new experience to my own spiritual growth,I have forgotten all creeds and dogmas.’
‘Accustomed long to meditating on my Guru as enhaloed over my head,
I have forgotten all those who rule by power and prestige.’
‘Accustomed long to contemplating love and compassion, I have forgotten all difference between myself and others.’
Sri Ramana:

(pic of Ramana)
‘Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.’

‘There are no impediments to meditation. The very thought of such obstacles is the greatest impediment.’

‘It is you who should see the sun. Can spectacles and the sun see for you? You yourself have to see your true nature. Not much aid is required for doing it!’
‘Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.’
’14. Just as the sun gives light to the moon this heart bestows the effulgence on the mind.’
‘By happy fraternity amongst themselves, the embodied beings get the supreme peace. Then all this earth shines like one house. When the men, the embodied beings treat each other with equal respect and have good brotherly feelings amongst themselves, great peace and harmony abound. Then all this earth shines like one house. The whole world shines like the one dwelling house of the entire human family.’
‘Peace is for the purification of one’s mind. Power is for the growth of the community. Having established the community with power, one should then establish supreme peace.’
Sri Ramakrishna:
‘It’s enough to have faith in one aspect of God. You have faith in God without form. That is very good. But never get into your head that your faith alone is true and every other is false. Know for certain that God without form is real and that God with form is also real. Then hold fast to whichever faith appeals to you.’
‘The Master said: “Everything that exists is God.” The pupil understood it literally, but not in the true spirit. While he was passing through a street, he met with an elephant. The driver (mahut) shouted aloud from his high place, “Move away, move away!” The pupil argued in his mind, “Why should I move away? I am God, so is the elephant also God. What fear has God of Himself?” Thinking thus he did not move. At last the elephant took him up by his trunk, and dashed him aside. He was severely hurt, and going back to his Master, he related the whole adventure. The Master said, “All right, you are God. The elephant is God also, but God in the shape of the elephant-driver was warning you also from above. Why did you not pay heed to his warnings?”‘

‘God can be realized through all paths. All religions are true. The important thing is to reach the roof. You can reach it by stone stairs or by wooden stairs or by bamboo steps or by a rope. You can also climb up by a bamboo pole.’
‘Women are, all of them, the veritable images of Śakti.’

‘One should not think, “My religion alone is the right path and other religions are false.” God can be realized by means of all paths. It is enough to have sincere yearning for God. Infinite are the paths and infinite the opinions.’
‘This māyā, that is to say, the ego, is like a cloud. The sun cannot be seen on account of a thin patch of cloud; when that disappears one sees the sun.’
‘As for me, I consider myself as a speck of the dust of the devotee’s feet.’
Thich Nhat Hanh:
‘There can be no peace in the world until there is peace between religions.’

‘Your first love has no beginning or end. Your first love is not your first love, and it is not your last. It is just love. It is one with everything.’

‘The present moment
contains past and future.
The secret of transformation,
is in the way we handle this very moment.’

‘Love is the capacity to take care, to protect, to nourish. If you are not capable of generating that kind of energy toward yourself — if you are not capable of taking care of yourself, of nourishing yourself, of protecting yourself — it is very difficult to take care of another person.’

‘Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the whole earth revolves—slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment. Only this actual moment is life.’

‘Freedom from suffering is a great happiness.’
‘If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.’
‘Seeds can produce seeds
Seeds can produce formations.
Formations can produce seeds.
Formations can produce formations.’

‘The leaf and his body were one. Neither possessed a separate permanent self. Neither could exist independently from the rest of the universe.’

Others of note – Thomas Merton, Liezi, Dogen, Amma, etc.

May all beings be happy,
May all beings be healthy,
May all beings be at peace.



Sri Ramana Maharshi:



(pic of thay)
clearness & stillness
when you see a twig,
rising from the water,
with a flyer resting on it,
and the wind and waves
return to stillness, this
is the most beautiful.
I’ve created a couple threads about healing, but if the mods don’t mind, I’d like to start another just so we can discuss it.

Different methods of self-healing from different wisdom traditions-

Primarily I would like to discuss the idea put forth by William James in the ‘Religion of Healthy-Mindedness’:

The basic process here is to center one’s heart and mind on the thought that ‘I am healed.’
There is much more to the article, but this one comment is the main topic and center of it.

(pic of hands)
I can say this is among the most effective. . one’s self-healing power is very great;
What can others say of encouragement to all healing – please share words of encouragement on your journey.

The more faith one has that one is healed, the more one is healed.
to be able to be under the blue sky – Whitman said being in nature is the most healing, or the way to perfect health.
Do share your helpful thoughts! :sun:

Thank you.

Or – a very good idea just occurred to me –
Let’s have this be the place where we share healing prayers or thoughts from any wisdom tradition.
Thank you :sun:
re: Question regarding programming & metaprogramming

Everything we hear, see, and say and do affects us; so for me, meta-programming was primarily about unifying my energy, as well as achieving a state of peace, whether or not the energy around me was peaceful. In other words – there are so many projections out there; ads, and so forth, it makes sense to greatly strengthen one’s immune system to persuasion. That is, unify one’s energy, or get to a stable shelter – a resting place, or refuge – yet really being at home wherever one is – this type of thing. None of these are new; old ideals. . as Vivekananda said, place the highest ideals before you day and night, and from this the greatest work will be achieved. So it’s kind of like that – it’s also telling helpful stories – only what is helpful, true and good. . . by practicing this type of speech, eventually it becomes more and more second-nature, and one’s life becomes more exactly what one wishes.

But getting what one wishes isn’t the final goal here – being free of everything is an aspect of it. In other words – everything has its use. There is a time and a place for everything under the sun. Even war could be beautiful, although it has not been 99.9% of the time on this earth.

In other words – one can do anything, and believing in oneself, that one can do anything is the key which opens the door. Wisdom is knowing which doors one should open.

These two means are within every path, every place. . . each expresses it in their own language, their own style, but they’re both there.

Motivational speakers – are all focused on the former; and what they are saying is true – but if you don’t have wisdom, then power is not a good thing in itself; and indeed power without some temperance is decidedly not a good thing in a general sense.

So then would come the issue of hoarding power – but that is not good at all, either, because that conducive to the over-all harmony of the earth: by such ideas, humanity has considered themselves separate in certain isolated pockets of the vast, infinite universe. . .

In simpler terms – hoarding power tends to lead to conflict –
and while if the world were in too much stagnation – perhaps war would be good – but again; the balance is clearly not that way
clearly if we wish to achieve something very worthwhile, we will work to achieve peace.
Now, most religions say that when one has done the discipline, and then by grace or by merit, there is the next step of realizing higher things, such as non-duality or oneness. . .

It is said by some, that only humans can get to this type of realization,

but I have never felt that’s an absolute truth, and today I would definitely say I’m of the opinion it’s not true at all – we don’t know what other animals are capable of becoming, in fact at this moment I’m reminded of a childhood flight of fancy of mine, thinking about how great it would be to have all the other animals raised up to our level of consciousness. . .

Yet I’m not even saying our level of consciousness is the highest – yet, a self-realized human definitely is something special.

Here I’m talking about certain individuals, Joshu, Laotzu, Dogen, there are many hundreds of thousands, which humanity has written about. . . teachers who seem to lift humanity out of the centuries, and into the boundlessness of some higher nature, which we lose sight of when we delve too deeply back into the division-ed world, or the divided world.
It’s not about having the most energy, or being the most enlightened; it’s mostly about doing the most with what we have, and learning to co-exist peacefully with this planet. A rate of expansion that is exponential, is seen in nature, invariably to collapse – so more growth is not the answer; but curbing our desire for material satisfaction, that is a simple solution. Worry about achievement is not an aid and should be thrown away – as Ramana said, There is no impediment to meditation, even the thought that there is an impediment – that is the only impediment.
A koan-like jewel that does actually contain the wisdom of many years of a very highly evolved consciousness functioning in this world, that would be my description of it.

Yet he also said, that when we are happy together – then we shine, and the whole house of humanity shines.

So often it’s as simple as being happy with others, and so forth. . that alone has so much power. . . when people hear the word ‘power,’ maybe they think about money, or something like that – but happiness has power; peace has power, kindness has power, all of these things have power.

It’s just that building a lasting peace often takes more effort than destroying one. . .

But then once again we come to that aspect, of where actually is the source of peace?

It’s fairly well known in all cultures, that peace within the heart is the source of all others – i.e., that between neighbors, that between towns, that between states or territories and that between nations. . . So all of it, starts with the individual coming to peace.

And to do that, the path is primarily a process of alternating action and rest – sounds silly to say so, maybe, but a simple, single action a the right time – at the very right time – if it’s the right action. .

we have seen that sometimes a single action can stop a war, etc.
if it’s the right one, the right place and time, and so forth –
So skill is there – yet the value of non-action is quite vast,
and quite worth exploring,

and especially in regards to the natural schema, is one of the main things we simply have to learn to do.
For instance a fish eagle hunts only 10 minutes a day;

and ants walking along, if they come across sugar-water, stop and go to it,
resting for maybe half an hour. .
If we wish to consider ourselves above nature, we ought to certainly at least learn some of her most important lessons. . .

And it is true after all, that most of our greatest teachers have said – give up everything, and go into nature. .
and I haven’t done this – but I have given up most of it, and found a very peaceful cottage to live out my days. . .

well all I did was give up most of my consumption, about 95% or so. . and I hardly every bought anything material that wasn’t food or clothing anyway. . . never was interested hardly at all by anything material, toys or stuff. . .

music is the one exception but I was given large amounts of it for free…

I’ve gotten to my 1,200 word limit – probably more really. or those letters? oh well.

oh – yah, freedom is the goal, but discipline helps get us there. Self-metaprogramming is so effective because once you love, trust, and have faith in yourself fully – you’re pretty much all the way healed right there. To simply know, with all one’s heart, that one is healed, is a fantastic way to speedily reach the state of being healed. Simplistic as it sounds, what more can I say, when you are already healing power – waking up to it. . Takes so many years perhaps – even when we fully shift over to that mode of being, where we give easily and without attachment, we are generous because we have no illusions about ownership, etc. – well, eventually any goal can be attained. Having that kind of preserverence, that says, “I will drink the ocean,” helps get you there, because you don’t actually have to drink the ocean, you only have to drink a teacup. As Einstein said about genius – things like this are helpful to remember, and there are more of them and better ones, selectivity is the guide.

The difference between self-programming and self-metaprogramming, as your question originally asked, is very small. I would say the difference is only a matter of degree: As long as one feels and believes one is a limited, physical being only, and nothing else is real, one will fail to perceive that one is a boundless, growing, changing life-form, that is new from one day to the next. In truth we are all inter-connected, and that means each of us matters, pretty much equally. It also means a few other things, but that in itself is sufficient for this discussion.

Metaprogramming helps you to tell the story that you wish to tell – helps you to get your life in line with your heart’s desire – yet again, this is not the whole achievement, it’s only a partial goal. And one central point of all of this here is that persuasion for its own sake is never a praiseworthy thing.

I would say it is simply the process of saying things that are only helpful, true and good – and then leaving off telling stories at all. . .

Tho I mentioned non-duality and stuff, beloved Lilly did say one thing that I am coming to understand more and more: he said you have to forget all that stuff, and just live your life. . . interesting thing. :sun:

It’s just a suggestion that he made – it’s an interesting one; I personally have been on both sides of that question, now I will simply say I begin to feel that it is true.
saving living beings
saving living beings feels wonderful. . .

more so than maybe anything else. .

i at least have faith that it could be so,

but at the very least, i can say it feels very, very wonderful.
it’s not even important whether this particular one lives a day, or a week or its full natural life-span. .
i’m talking about little critters primarily here. . .
and saving them is like – giving them a new home where they can live, if their current home is not very tenable. .
tad-poles and small frogs especially fit this bill. . .

a while ago i saved maybe 3-4 hundred tadpoles, they were in a very small pool, and it was drying up so i took as many as i could to a pond. . .

and that was nice. . . felt while walking, very in harmony with the situation.


but what really got it for me today was carrying a baby frog. . . i just felt it, suddenly. . .

i cannot express it but i wished to attempt to share it anyway. .
one of the most wonderful things i have ever felt, if not the most so –
definitely it’s worth checking out and exploring. 🙂

The spiritual path is not so much about attaining something as it is about preserving what is already there.

Preserve body, heart and mind in their healthy, natural condition, and sharing peace and life with others;

If you remove the obstacles to healthiness, happiness, and you share hope, joy, peace and good health,

and the path to these,

you’ve done it, attained it, you’re there.
deep peace, deep meditation, instant awakening
So in some discussions of spirituality, there is much talk of gradual attainment or instant attainment;

For sure instant attainment breaks through a lot of attachment to views; spontaneous realization and awakening, and so forth,

yet gradual attainment is there to fall back on, so to speak.

A lot of spiritual practices have gradual awakening as their goal, with deep peace, meditation, concentration and others as stepping-stones along the way.

The best way to get to any state of awareness, or consciousness, any attainment or liberation that one wishes for or seeks, is whole-hearted devotion to reaching such a level. . .

this is one-pointedness or sole-hearted concentration, a very useful practice to engage in. . . a discussion of it could very well span a great deal of discussion.

In truth, one-pointedness, is among the best possible practices for realization and spiritual growth; it is simply a return to concentration, relaxed awareness. . .

Deep peace, and deep meditation, to me are like shelters along the way; they are not the ultimate, but when exist in a very, very blissful and peaceful state, that is a nice stop along the way –

like a drop in the river, we neither gain or lose anything – and waking up to that is the main point, yet along the way there are many refuges, of peace, life, and love. . and to spend a while under the boughs of a tree, is a good way to spend the day.

joy, hope, faith, love, beauty and peace
are all interconnected
one leads to the other like the sun light follow the earth
trust comes from time; from the sands of time,

love comes from heart; from the wings of birds,

life comes from breath; from the beat of breath,

faith comes from trust; from the heart of earth,

love comes from peace; from the heart of life.

peace comes from joy; from the heart of love.

beauty comes from us; from the truth of joy,

faith comes from hope; from trust of peace,

love comes from earth; from the life of joy,

breath comes from joy; from the beauty,

faith lives in breath; from love of earth;

earth lives forever; from the wings,

love lives forever; from faith, joy,

peace is forever; from beauty,

love is forever; from heart,

beauty is real, from joy,

peace is from earth.

love is our earth.

mother is joy,

heart, love,

truth, joy,




so, the japanese have a prescription for longevity – it comes from at least hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, so it’s not a new trend or fad;

4/ths full is the saying, there is another part to it (may be someone can share it.:smile: )

i consder fasting to be of least concern; dozens or hundreds of other health secrets come before it. . . i feel these types of things are best when they arise spontaneously. .
for instance, to just be aware of them is very useful, and if it happens it happens. 🙂
anyhow the correlation of this is very true. . .

for instance – with mice, they have found that low cal, high nutrient diets (significant lower than as much as they want, etc), in the range of 70-80 percent of calories,
anyhow – results are they live about 25-30% longer than mice who are fed normally,
useful info.
there is a gene which is activated in the body then; and this gene activates certain mechanisms to help the body reach a better state of health,

and naturally, last much longer.
this gene is also related what is found in the skin of red grapes.

cheers and happiness and good health all,

and believe me, i’ve been aware of the millions of ways this discussion is turned over and this way and that – there is no need to give up pleasantry food: full and complete faith in one’s good health is the main thing – all the rest comes way later. . .
in other words; full and complete faith in one’s good health is about 80% of it, eating right is 10%, and love and connection is 80% haha, I know it goes over 100% but you got it. 🙂
joy to you all 🙂
secret info not important + being valued

secret information is not important

secret information of the common kind is not relevant,
because nothing in your imagination is of more importance than my own imagination,

and vice-versa. . .
that is, secret info would just be an imaginary game, with imaginary players;
so i can say with fairly certitude that it is a game not worth playing;

and those lost up in it, are not worth playing the better game with,

that is, they are worth it, bur generally require great cultivation,

so unless you are prepared to invest many years or lifetimes,

it’s better to spend the vast majority of your time in better water,

or better ground, that is – seek a place where you fit in, what you say matters;

that is, a good practice if for no other reason than the multidinous and variegated reasons for not staying in place where people do not value you.
but being valued is, needless to say, a thing one has to work harder at than is ideal,
at first,

but many years later, perfection at employing kindness without attachment, which is in all means higher than, and fulfilling the best ideals of so-called society (which is a word, but truly there is one all-inclusive, infinite system, be it called the universe or nature)

anyway perfection at the non-attached loving-kindness method; which is much better than society,

but also appears to fulfill society’s obligations;

while at the same time not,
what i’m getting at is the universe can be infinite challenging,

it can also be infinite ease, when it’s really seen how well we’ve solved all these issues for billions of years. . .

ah, it’s so hard to describe.

anyway, obviously being non-attached is one of the main keys,

still we are always empathic (believe me, 100% the correct, for which I could write hundreds of pages but not necessary to do so, way of spelling it)

whenever we’re around others, always to some extend we’re aware of what they’re feeling,

a large degree of life is aided when we realize that connection. . .

what’s crazy, what’s literally nuts is how connected, how close we are all the time. .

to get a glimpse of this. . . is great; but if one wants to really get there, more kindness towards animals, etc., is the main ticket home.

really home.

Sleep Rejuvenates

Sleep rejuvenates and does many things;

one of the Very Best things that it does is it de-toxes the brain. . . That is, when we wake up from a restful night,
everything’s much clearer with our brain and mind, this is a general rule. . One thing is – right after waking up, we
Perform much better, say if you were a guitarist and playing a concert, if you had a chance to power nap, for 20 minutes (a good amount)

(because of the cycles of waves, 20 minutes is a good nap amount, also 1.5 hour intervals after that, etc. This is why 9 hours is good; 7.5 hours is good; 6 hours is good, etc. but besides this)

Actually this info was from about 14 years ago; so there may be slight advances etc., since then.
Main thing I wanted to mention was that sleep de-toxes us, and is good; This fact, also helps when we realize, what helps us stay in that state. . .
What I mean is – The less unnecessary stress, much, much healthier we will be – a few stress can be a reason to live and grow,

But mostly less stress is best in modern day and age. . . So to live a day, live a lot of days, not accumulating those unnecessary things in the brain. . .

That’s a very healthy way to live.

It really does this. . .
Thanks. . 🙂
Contraction & expansion within the H’art
So I’ve thought about posting a thread on this for a couple weeks now; in spiritual life, many have observed, there is expansion and contraction. . . in the heart. .

In the heart, in the spiritual realm, is what I’m talking about, not the physical realm. .

There are certain things that shrink the heart; primarily would be afflictive emotions; while others help it grow strong and healthy. .
I believe what I’m talking about could best be described by an analogy of a tree – at first, it’s a fledgling, and very delicate, indeed within the heart is a vast garden; that’s what many people talk about. . .

So the inner heart, is what I’m mainly speaking about.

Why it is kind of like the opposite of the physical, is because in the physical world, growth is not an eternal good — Growth for the sake of growth is what cancer does. . Our business models and cities are based on this model, and so they don’t make much sense; from an ideal perspective, we would not have super-cities, and so forth.

Super-markets seem nice and good, but the sheer amount of species lives that go into making them are not worth it – cost is too high. .

So I just wanted to clarify that I’m not talking about physical expansion, etc. but spiritual expansion, and expansion of the heart.

Afflictive emotions tend to shrink it I would say – consider the etymology of the word, ‘worry’ for example, and you will know.

Bitterness and so forth are an energy, even mentioning the word – why do so? Probably this is why deff never does; at least I’ve never seen him do so, so far.
Yet it’s possible to live without any afflictions — And, not only possible, it is Very. Easy. Why? Because in essence, all is light.
In reality and truth, all is energy and light, and one can never be truly damaged, in the same way that a photon can never be damaged.
What harm could ever come to a photon?
Or like a drop of water in the river – what could that drop ever lose?
Could never lose anything.
This is part of why spiritual paths teach these things, that we are light, that love and awareness is our true nature, and so forth.
We exist in the physical – yet there are unlimited levels of existence, unlimited awakenings, unilmited revelations and realizations.
We waken from one dream, then from another, eventually we see the truth of it. . .
And along the way – various steps are useful in helping us to ‘see’ that we are a light within light, which can be seen and described in innumerable ways.
These are what one sage has called “Liberating Illusions,” that is, they are not strictly true, in the absolute sense, but they are like refuges, along the way.
Anyway – within all the realms, certain things apply, and to be confused is like a child, sitting in a field, with hands over his eyes, not able to see what’s around him. . .
To catch worry is like sitting down and doing the same thing. We have eyes and there is more to see than what physical reality shows us.
There are higher realities.
Let’s get there.

Again, I’m not talking about physical expansion, which often leads to a dearth of spiritual insight

(While Weeping Atlas Ceders,
they just want to grow, grow and grow)
It’s about turning that inviolable decision inwards, and attaining self-mastery, and further, exploring higher realms of balance and harmony and beauty with the world.
protections, #2
Hey I wrote a lot, I know it’s kind of a tl;dr (I just figured that one out! ’bout a week ago, lol), just kinda got rambling, and, you know.
Yes, there are certain times when calmness is not the best; raise your energy, meet the situation, handle it. It’s not anger, though, it’s just energy.

Anger is a energy, it’s close related to other afflictive ones. Buddha said it well, it is like a hot coal – people hold it, thinking to hurt someone, but it only burns the one holding it. Once it’s gone for good, anytime it’s encountered, it’s still felt but it’s just like an energy.

I spent a while in a wonderful place to meditate upon your question. . in total peace and joy, watching the rain come down. . with one of my best friends, Shaggy the cat. Outside in the clean air.

My own divine experience showed me there is, infinitely, no reason to worry, fear or doubt, and along the same lines the same can be said for anger.

Best way I know of transforming anger is dealing with it lovingly. . . Hanh spoke of this. . he calls it taking good care of it, with love and tenderness. . Because, it’s not something apart from you (or me) or whoever is feeling it. Since it’s a part of us, it shouldn’t be like avoided, just tenderly loved and cared for, this is best way of transforming it.

I’d have to study Musashi again to see how well he knew this, but I would like to learn more about him someday.

Hanh once mentioned, or a few times did, the energy of mindfulness and love. . when he mentioned this, the energy of mindfulness, it really clicked with me; and I’ve been thinking about starting a thread and plan to in a week or so. The idea is to build up the energy of mindfulness, and that is a buoy, for transforming anything in life we come to, it really works.

So it’s like that, an energy. . Trust me, you don’t have less energy once you master yourself, you have much more.

So – I saw for certain, there’s no need for any worry or doubt, no matter what may happen, in a million years, never is; because there’s nothing but luminous awareness. . this is the reality, I would say. . Sharing it is high art; often simplicity is best, or focusing all energy into creative endeavor, writing poetry, painting, singing, music, etc. Many others do this. .

Yet this doesn’t mean passivity, nor allowing injustice. When action is required, it ought or even must be taken. But what energy we have while we take that, is a whole other thing. So – if there’s a situation where calmness is definitely not right (and most of times, being calm is best), then raise energy and do it, like you say, but raising one’s energy level and anger are not quite the same. . there’s a self-destructive aspect to anger. . anyway.

You mentioned when another is in need of aid, and this is one time when persuasion (which normally I am against, as it is a form of coercion, and. . this is a whole other topic) but yes, in this case, it’s best to prevent those actions.

There’s definitely something to be said for deeper understandings of the universe and oneness. . . Lieh-tzu’s statement comes back to mind, and it’s very fascinating. . . seems to be true on many levels, the enlightened person is one with everything around him, and cannot be harmed. . . and what Mirra said, of course.

So this is why I value protections so much, the divine consciousness, when it’s not possible to be harmed. . . Mirra talks about immobility, which is nice. Later I heard Peter Tosh sing about this, “I am a firm ripe diamond, you cannot move I at all,” “I am the son of lightning, you cannot move I at all,” and other things like this, very connected to other things.
The story of Mila is a good example of the whole question. . . I went to watch it, and near the end, these last lines stood out to me, said by Marpa;

“O Milarepa proud one, nothing external can lift your heart! Do not indulge in wandering thoughts, or you will succumb to unwholesome thoughts!

Let the mind be tranquil, do not be distracted, do not be distracted, or your devotion will be carried away by the winds!

Never forget. . .
That which benefits the heart, is our sacred treasure”

I had just gone to Vivekananda quotes to find this one (shared on Ascension thread shortly), and happened to write the above down right next to these two:

That man has reached immortality who is disturbed by nothing material.

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

It’s quite interesting; one other thing I was going to say about it earlier is, not attached and so forth.
I went back to see your post again before posting this. . Yes, aggression is, part of our nature; yet we are in a different world than 1,000 or 5,000 years ago, etc., and for this we play by different rules. Aggression no longer gets you to the top of the pack; Warren Buffett for example, got there by very different skills than hunting and fighting.

Yet even 5,000 years ago, there were shamans – and this is the same thing they have been saying always; that there’s higher realities, that we can access, and there are higher realms. . I like the statement by Vivekananda because it helps explain what I meant by the non-attachment comment – being undisturbed, by anything, shows a lot of strength. All of these things are ultimately insubstantial.
In a sense, and I saw this in meditation on the rain, there are only two energies in the world. . . truthfully there is only one, but you could say there are only two:

One is healing, growth, love, the other is anger, destruction. . . there are unlimited shades of these, and it can also be said to all be one. You know? But these two are there, the two main ones – healing or destruction, and it’s definitely true I’d say that healing is winning out. . .

Strength is with the first one. . . There are strong and weaker types of each of this, but in general, everything on the side of love, healing, growth is renewing, strengthening, and beautiful, while everything on the side of contraction (one could also say these are expansion and contraction), those are of devastation – so it’s only a matter of time until healing, renewal wins out. It’s interesting that shamans and mystics have said that all is love, all is light, that at the essential level, all things come from the creative source, the energy of love.

One thing I have thought about is this: the ambition for power, that egoic drive, that’s like. . . the initial impulse. But eventually it gets pointed in the right direction, that is, towards discovery, toward love, towards truth, and then is when things really get good. That’s when life really becomes beautiful.

I’ve spent a lifetime of working these things out, with an IQ that’s off the charts, not saying you should simply trust what I believe, but just to say I have spent some time on them. . . and time seems to go very slowly for me. 🙂

If you take the one type of energy to its extreme, then you have like. . . worry about nothing, seppeku etc.

Samurais took some of these questions so seriously that they attained some perfection in fighting, but too seriously that they committed seppeku etc. . . you know what I mean? Like, honor is important but it is only valuable if it’s effortless… And I’m rambling a bit, these last two paras were not not strictly necessary.

Aggression as you say is part of us. It’s essentially a result of testosterone, which is a chemical part of our nature, if you look at some animals that have too much of it, like hyenas, both genders have a similar shaped. . . well, that’s beside the point.

I guess, what I would say is, be the best possible, but not for anyone else.

Ah, it’s very complex but simpler than anything. . . Simple thing is, the world needs love. . Self mastery, is key, but we can have great, great energy without having any aggression; also perfect health, proper chemical balance included, without having aggression.

Yeah but like I say I’ve spent my life understanding these things. . . The fighter instinct, that like, gets Ceasar and Napoleon to where they are, the martial aspect; interesting thing, part of every living being, you know?

But look what happened to them, what happened to Stalin, etc., this is why the search for love is much higher; every living being has that martial aspect still. . . One thing I have found. . . you’ll probably appreciate this, is – on the spiritual path you don’t lose anything. . You don’t lose power or energy or anything like that. People who neglect their more sensitive side, their inner self development, or their spiritual search, they eventually need it again. . . What I mean is – if you learn the secrets to spiritual nature, you will have more vital energy than you did before; and if you come across a situation where hard work needs to be done, like at a job or something, it’ll be much easier.

Stopping that drunk is easy when you are in touch with the source of energy.
protections, #2
Dr. G, that’s a very legitimate description of it, I would say 🙂

Also can be as simple as “May you be safe and well,” or something like this. There are some fascinating aspects about this, and how consciousness affects the world, our place in it and the rest. One way I have pondered about it, is that it may have to do with per-saging the way things go. I definitely have felt like I could walk safely anywhere.. through a ghetto or in a forest or anywhere, it’s all the same.. So it’s like what you were talking about, believing in something very much and testing it -that’s a very nice thought..

One thing I definitely think it’s very related to is that within and without unity, that oneness with the world.. In fact Lieh-tzu of Taoism mentioned this directly.. the enlightened person merges with the world around him and then cannot be harmed. So a great deal of focus throughout my life is understanding protections, can that really be true? is it true? and so forth, and I definitely can say as my understanding of it has deepened, I would say it’s true.

Of course, I’ve mentioned what I read by Mirra at an early age, she said, ‘if one is in the divine consciousness, one cannot be harmed, even physically,’ and it was partly meditation on that which led me to a further exploration of protections. She also spoke more about this, and mentioned immobility (stillness) and it’s fascinating and worth reading. In Buddhism and Hinduism it’s very central, to a lot of it, devotees are given protection; from both spiritual and physical events from happening.. The idea of internal and external being one is a point I come back to many times on it – of course, in visions of the divine, we get a glimpse how the source is within us and all around, and everything is. . get to see that –

Buddhism, especially Mahayana and Vajrayana have a great deal to say about it. Pure Land Buddhism explores it extensively. The Medicine Buddha mantra as well – but actually every legitimate mantra is part of it, and generally is said to do the same thing, or almost the same thing.

Then there is also the case of Crazy Horse, this one was very, very striking to me. . especially in its relation to Mirra’s info on the topic, seems almost identical. Of the First People, elder cousin of Black Elk, he was said to be in this consciousness. . cf. Black Elk Speaks for elucidation of that story.

By the way, may all who see this be safe and well. 🙂
The Hindu conception of it is very beautiful: God is like the mother cat, and we are like kittens – to the mother’s kittens, the mouth of their mama is safe, protective – she picks them up and moves them to a safe place; but to a mouse or other prey, her mouth is death.. and so calling to God is kittens calling to their mother.
divine symphony

So I thought about posting this for a day or two or so.

I have mentioned it and come across it a couple of times and wanted to bring it up for discussion. What does it mean to you, and have you ever felt it, in waking consciousness or on LSD? I mention that one because it seems the most likely one to connect to it.
One thought I had a little while back, simply from a spot in the country, play very loudly some awesome, healing or just super beautiful stuff, like Banaesa’s Green Glade or something, and aim it toward the cities..

and I thought, that would work.

Anyway, divine symphony, or harmony – floor’s all yours.
ultimate fractal
‘But here the depth of light and structure in a bursting bud go on forever. There is time to see them, time for the whole intricacy of veins and capillaries to develop in consciousness, time to see down and down into the shape of greenness, which is not green at all, but a whole spectrum generalizing itself as green—purple, gold, the sunlit turquoise of the ocean, the intense luminescence of the emerald. I cannot decide where shape ends and color begins. The bud has opened and the fresh leaves fan out and curve back with a gesture which is unmistakably communicative but does not say anything except, “Thus!” And somehow that is quite satisfactory, even startlingly clear. The meaning is transparent in the same way that the color and the texture are transparent, with light which does not seem to fall upon surfaces from above but to be right inside the structure and color. Which is of course where it is, for light is an inseparable trinity of sun, object, and eye, and the chemistry of the leaf is its color, its light.

‘But at the same time color and light are the gift of the eye to the leaf and the sun. Transparency is the property of the eyeball, projected outward as luminous space, interpreting quanta of energy in terms of the gelatinous fibers in the head. I begin to feel that the world is at once inside my head and outside it, and the two, inside and outside, begin to include or “cap” one another like an infinite series of concentric spheres. I am unusually aware that everything I am sensing is also my body—that light, color, shape, sound, and texture are terms and properties of the brain conferred upon the outside world. I am not looking at the world, not confronting it; I am knowing it by a continuous process of transforming it into myself, so that everything around me, the whole globe of space, no longer feels away from me but in the middle.’

(2nd and 3rd paras of the Joyous Cosmology)

‘ But then, maybe not. Oh, indeed not ! For quite suddenly I feel my understanding dawning into a colossal clarity, as if everything were opening up down to the roots of my being and of time and space themselves. The sense of the world becomes totally obvious. I am struck with amazement that I or anyone could have thought life a problem or being a mystery. I call to everyone to gather round.

“Listen, there’s something I must tell. I’ve never, never seen it so clearly. But it doesn’t matter a bit if you don’t understand, because each one of you is quite perfect as you are, even if you don’t know it. Life is basically a gesture, but no one, no thing, is making it. There is no necessity for it to happen, and none for it to go on happening. For it isn’t being driven by anything; it just happens freely of itself. It’s a gesture of motion, of sound, of color, and just as no one is making it, it isn’t happening to anyone. There is simply no problem of life; it is completely purposeless play—exuberance which is its own end. Basically there is the gesture. Time, space, and multiplicity are complications of it. There is no reason whatever to explain it, for explanations are just another form of complexity, a new manifestation of life on top of life, of gestures gesturing. Pain and suffering are simply extreme forms of play, and there isn’t anything in the whole universe to be afraid of because it doesn’t happen to anyone! There isn’t any substantial ego at all. The ego is a kind of flip, a knowing of knowing, a fearing of fearing. It’s a curlicue, an extra jazz to experience.”

. . .

‘Again music—harpsichords and a string orchestra, and Bach in his most exultant mood. I lie down to listen, and close my eyes. All day, in wave after wave and from all directions of the mind’s compass, there has repeatedly come upon me the sense of my original identity as one with the very fountain of the universe. I have seen, too, that the fountain is its own source and motive, and that its spirit is an unbounded playfulness which is the many-dimensioned dance of life. There is no problem left, but who will believe it? Will I believe it myself when I return to normal consciousness? Yet I can see at the moment that this does not matter. The play is hide-and-seek or lost-and-found, and it is all part of the play that one can get very lost indeed. How far, then, can one go in getting found?’
For me, at the height of my vision, I saw the same thing Watts described, about the gesture and elusive substance. . felt it in full, only for a few moments. One of the oldest descriptions of such a vision is the Jeweled Net of Indra, which came from Hinduism, but was further elaborated on in the Avatamsaka sutra, and in Huayen school, Fazang for instance (7th century, C.E.),

‘In each of the lion’s eyes, in its ears, limbs, and so forth, down to each and every single hair, there is a golden lion. All the lions embraced by each and every hair simultaneously and instantaneously enter into one single hair. Thus, in each and every hair there are an infinite number of lions… The progression is infinite, like the jewels of Celestial Lord Indra’s Net: a realm-embracing-realm ad infinitum is thus established, and is called the realm of Indra’s Net.’
The Avatamsaka sutra talks much about the realms of Buddha-fields, etc.. my own experience was like this. Unlimited Buddha fields. . each cell’s source was the White Lotus, and the Lotus was comprised of an unlimited number of Buddhas, and each of those Buddhas were comprised of an unlimited number of Lotuses. . . this was, for me, what the Buddha-fields, Pure-lands, and the source, and the fractal were like. With it comes peace and bliss divine. . loveliest thing. In line with Milarepa, Black Elk, and many others. Indeed the divine peace and bliss came first, and one can experience them without seeing the highest. . First came all the levels of absorption, then non-duality, then a long time just experiencing revelation, bliss, peace, consciousness, the expansion of consciousness and being, and then finally came this vision of the fractal, at the very peak. Then came a gentle return to normal consciousness and the rest of my life.
Mirra Alfassa and countless others were immeasurably helpful in incorporating these experiences into the rest of life. . Some things she’d said, such as, “In the divine consciousness one cannot be harmed,” stayed with me throughout my life and I meditated. Genuine teachers are the most help at integrating it, generally. Her ideas and teachings were fascinating; after I experienced the divine myself I knew there was something real there. Part of the experience I felt was that it’s always true. . . we’re always that beautiful, blissful, and capable of love. . like, the vision is expressly stating, this can be achieved in normal life, in full. It’s probably the purest message of hope I’ve ever come across. Watts, McKenna, Lilly, so many others, (millions? trillions?) experienced all kinds of things like this, and work (beyond time?) to help bring it about. . .
I can’t generate visions, like the Tantra school of Milarepa teaches, but glimpses still happen; it’s a very gradual process for me. One thing I remember for sure is that what I saw there, is always here, and the source is always here. . . I haven’t tripped in 7 years actually, besides the holy sacrament Mari-j. . I am sure I will again someday, but it will probably be several years at least, maybe another 7.

What I seek to get from the previous vision, (“If the vision was true and might, as I know it was, then it is true and mighty yet, for such things are of the spirit”), today is simply to remember the beauty of it, the peace of it. . . I’ve given up all desire a while back except for that of protecting all species, restoring peace. . and beauty, to this world. . Some days I do get a glimpse of future realities. . . The world will get more complex for a while, yet these things will always be true; that life is one, that all is light, that infinite peace, bliss, light and love are at the source of every living being, and all are potentially divine. . and that, if one attains the natural state, of pure and perfect health, of relaxed attentiveness, supreme peace, and the joyful light of being, that is the result of love. . . then one will always be safe from harm, and also share light to all, and one verily becomes a touchstone of many worlds.

One can exist in the infinite pure lands even in this lifetime. . . All sages, prophets and genuine teachers, for the most part, emphasize finding this first, and then sharing it. . otherwise, one is like a drowning person attempting to save other people in the water. . . First, solid ground, second; get yourself fully there, and then third, help others. . . As Jetsun Mila says, until the end of time there will innumerable beings who can use saving — they won’t ever run out. So it’s important to step off the cyclic, or bound existence, and only then work to save others. This is a sort of simplistic idea, found in many cultures throughout the eras, yet it’s very valid and true.
One interesting thing is that all of this seems to be inherent within us. McKenna said, “There is an infinite library of information – the imagination,” although Vivekananda beat him to it by 75 years, saying the same thing, an infinite mine of knowledge is the soul. Although Vivekananda didn’t invent it either, it’s an ancient idea.

There are hundreds or thousands of little tidbits that are useful. . . millions indeed. This is one of them, that it’s all inherent and we’ve had it always. This is probably because knowing, being, these come before any dissimulation or doubt. Love, truth, bliss, light – these are not external; they are the nature of all souls, inherent and birthright – all the false memes, these are nothing but an imposition and covering up of what is already there, boundless, shining, illuminating, blissful and never faltering – as Mila said, fly like an eagle in sky, never falling into a hole.

plasticity of reality imagined
There is one idea in Hinduism that makes the distinction between material and spiritual existence, and they say that everything we do on a spiritual platform, that stays with us – we can’t ever lose it. Vivekananda put it this way; ‘Every step I make in Light, that is mine forever.’

R.D. Laing, the Scottish psychiatrist, is one who made some strides in psychology and understanding psychosis. One thing he was very much working against is the way that other ‘experts’ in the field viewed such states derogatorily. . . He struggled a lot in the first part of his life as well.

I agree with your sentiment, ‘How could I have missed this before?’ I felt the same thing — how, how could it have been conceivably possible that I didn’t realize all this all the time? As it’s so, so shockingly clear, and always there in front of me.

That’s just part of the whole thing is that we can see all the time, if we wish to.

I value ordinary consciousness very much — it’s in truth not different from higher consciousness. . When you look at a tree, or a flower, you are seeing the same thing as if you were in the highest state of consciousness, the highest vision. . . Zen Buddhists were extraordinarily keen on simply ‘Seeing things clearly’ — like when Bassui died, his last words were, ‘Look ahead, what’s there? If you see it as it is, you will never err.’ And this is an interesting thing to me, just to see things as they are. . .

Ever since I first realized there was a ‘source’ of the universe. . . probably reading Jaspers around 17 if I remember right. . I had been an atheist since 10 or so, suddenly realizing I didn’t believe, so I had been very logical since then; well realizing it — I knew it was completely logical. . . everything has a source, and pretty much, there’s only one source. .

Seeing the divine consciousness and bliss, was even more clear and logical to me — above all, I knew that it was simple, it made sense, it was coherent in every logical sense. I was certain I could explain it in a logical and simple way so that the whole world could understand. Indeed I do believe this is true.
Probably, the very best way to improve the world’s chances of sanity, is simply to write books, Solar. When I first had my exp., I went online on boards and shared it — hey, there’s infinite peace, bliss and light!!!!! Infinitely, no reason to worry! etc., etc,. and being the same as Markos at the time when he did it, I had some pretty good language skills already in place, and expressed it fairly well. . . Yet the reaction I received was not good — so, I learned over time that it can only be shared when there’s trust — and then it can be a very liberating and positive experience. If there’s purity of heart — which I know, is a whole other thing, and in the highest vision, it’s seen that there’s nothing which is pure or impure, etc.

Anyway — to get back to the point of writing books; if you write a book, and make it excellent, about your experiences, then that can stay with humanity for a very long time. . and possibly reach out to a wider audience — but also, and this is maybe important — you won’t be stuck in the position of arguing with people about it, which wouldn’t in a billion years be helpful probably, to anyone. .

So, among other things, ‘The Doors of Perception,’ by Alduous Huxley, and then later ‘The Joyous Cosmology,’ by Alan Watts are two wonderful books which lay out the theoretical framework and experiential logistics of exploring psychadelics and the mind, in a good setting. . . Huxley was experimenting with mescaline, and Watts, with LSD; Watts described his work as essentially expanding on Huxley’s, going a little deeper and further. . .

Goethe- ‘It’s a poor pupil who doesn’t one day surpass his master.’

And I have always had this understanding in mind, too, since a child really, that I have known that understand gets furthered — I feel my own experience went further than Watts’, because I understood some of these things better. . . as Vivekananda explained, ‘When we are calm, then we can get so much more work done. . the more we can concentrate, the more can get done,’ and Mirra, ‘it is because we are divided against ourselves that we fail, once we have unity within ourselves, then we can get so much more done.’

And McKenna of course wrote many, many books, and J.C. Lilly wrote quite a few. . . Anyway — If you write a book, or quite a few books, on the subject and other similar things. . . that can really make a difference. Watts book, for instance, though I’ve read many wonderful books, helped me to have a bit of a guide for my experience, and the value of it could never be put into words.

There are other things which I connect all these experiences to, primarily ecology, or biology, and the health of the planet, and an understanding of the future, this type of thing. . . like the article in my signature explains, a revolutionary and new approach is rather necessary. I’ve understood that to reduce consumption of resources (which, the higher it is, the more species’ life get pushed into extinction, the better for the planet, indeed this is the main good), and I’ve reduced my own by 95% or so, and yet I know it is a very, very small step. . . it’s the whole, striving for the highest while yet in a place of wholeness; and it’s very possible, I would say key to all spiritual life. . .

But it’s also probably just because this was always in my heart since childhood, that it became more important to me as years went by.

One thing I think is important is to connect ourselves to nature, to the trees, to a deep understanding of ecology and biology. .

Some of this stuff does come from higher planes and so it may be difficult to believe. . The whole universe is a divine symphony and harmony. . . when I sing, it is reflecting all the stars. . . may sound funny but it’s true. Many years later I noticed that. . . something it would be impossible to explain unless someone already heard the same thing, so to express it in poetry and metaphor, I wrote, ‘When you sing, the universe is being sung through you.’

McKenna also studied biology a lot, I do think it’s one of the more important fields, although of course he was shamanic too. As for shamans or medicine men, the only one I learned from, but also kept very close to my heart, was Black Elk.

As you say, ancient wisdom; is always here with us, guiding us. I noticed that and it’s probably one of the best things I could say. Looking and seeing, as the Buddhist adage goes, ‘Stopping and seeing.’ Chinese or First People, American or Jamaican, Australian, in every walk of life there is ancient knowledge.

Anyway as the Dhammapada says, better is one word that creates peace, than a thousand ones that do not. So. . .

Yaay-o :sun:

[ this was actually taken out of chronological order in an exchange. . . I will give the whole exchange below. ]

1st: plasticity of reality imagined:
a1: ( sol )
Please do not take my writing for complete knowing. I am trying the best I can and may make mistakes.

Why do I keep forgetting revelations upon entering the ordinary state? It is quite obviously that “I” am shutting them down. It seems like there is an esoteric understanding though. Like behind the words, we are all saying the same thing and have been forever. Someone on the shroomery posted that he feels that way and I feel as though I know where he is coming from.

What’s stranger still is that there appears to be some understanding of what is going on that is very, very ancient but also… trippy.. to our understanding from the ordinary window on reality.

Reason is not the best way of knowing. There are things that we have forgotten by going with the illusion of an egoic self. We are a master story teller. Does anyone ever get that idea?

I dont understand how every time I take an entheogen I am immediately reopened to what I have forgotten. It scares me.

I had last night some understanding about a strange rewriting of history that plays with the challenge of subjective vs. objective windows on reality. Like there basically was an understanding that there is an understanding that we couldn’t possibly speak of or prove in the ordinary state of consciousness… that, I wouldn’t blame the characters of the window on a material world for missing it because it is not amenable to the ordinary think in terms of a box… something like that, can’t really describe.

There are particular visions that people describe that we dont have a category for in our ordinary state of consciousness. It transcends categories because it is very trippy. One thing that I feel fine enough stating is that these visions do exist. We can’t just say that something that was imagined couldn’t possibly be imagined just because it doesn’t fit our neat little boxes that we have so arrogantly but perhaps understandably assumed in the ordinary state. What happens is that people appear to be having identical visions that dont agree with our understanding in the ordinary window. We basically need to change our worldview.

While I do not feel comfortable saying I know much, I do feel tempted to admit that I can no longer deny that something, definitely is going on… something that transports “us” all to an awe-inspiring wonder that is timeless creation of reality.

(feel free to put this aside or reinterpret what I have written so it works. I can’t write in a good enough way but I need to at least try so I can hopefully tap others into experiencing something amazing. Love)

]and then]

I also had some sort of idea that the really absurd visions are deliberately absurd because they are playing with us, like we need to experience increasingly absurd understandings and that this absurdity is on purpose. Tough to explain,

Oh yeah, I feel like we do that in constructing this ordinary world and we convince ourselves.

This is very strange,


There is like this intermediate bending of reality where imaginal things can cross over and where we all tap into. Basically reality creates itself,

b1 ( once )

I’ve always felt that it’s best only to trip a few times. Before I took acid, I researched it, reading Alan Watts’ the Joyous Cosmology and others. . . It was actually tricky to get through; the language was of a higher caliber than any I’d really read until then. I did shrooms three or so times, and one would probably do psychs again, but it’s been 7 or 8 years since I did acid the last time; that was the third time, and it was not an earth-shaking experience, but it was nice. One of Watts’ ideas is ‘When you get the message, hang up the phone.’

Of course, this is only an idea, and one is always free to do as one feels best; it’s entirely one’s decision. .

This idea was helpful to me, because it came from someone who had done these things a bit, also after studying the Eastern religions for a good while. Watts of course didn’t solve the problems of the self entirely, but this is where the human experience is so extraordinary — learning from brilliant people, and taking it even further. . as Ram Dass said, ‘What I really wonder is what it would have been like for someone like Ramana Maharshi to take LSD; you and I, (to T.M.) we have so much garbage and it was necessary to get us out of it,’ actually, I think the second part of that came first. . .

In my two first acid trips, there was so much beauty and the first one was full of boundlessness; the second one was like I came out of a story, and instead of being a character in a book written by external events; suddenly I was holding the pen, writing the story, and all the events in it; in a whole extra dimension. . This was in a sense, equally profound as the first experience, although the first one went much further in some aspects, such as boundlessness, and seeing the source very clearly; as well as feeling the whole fractal as one.

Throughout both there were many, many times when I simply felt, ‘all of this is one,’ and my hand would simply try to find the one sentence, to write it down, so that it would be able to re-write the laws, so there would be infinite peace, because it was so simple.. One sentence I remember writing was, “By the time I finish writing this sentence. . .” and to me then, that contained all of the wisdom of the entire experience.

J.C. Lilly, a friend of Watts and others, who went through all the realms in his own way, said, “You have to forget it all, and to then live a human life.”

Kind of interesting. . . I didn’t hold this view myself, for me it was more about incorporating it, and continuing to work for what I know is true. To me coming down from the height was like drifting down gracefully, and I knew I would go back into normal consciousness; yet I didn’t mind. .

I had read before, among other things, a few quotes of Amma and also ‘Powers Within,’ selections of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (Mirra Alfassa); one thing I remember Mirra saying was, ‘In the divine consciousness one can’t be harmed, not even physically.’ So when I was continuing on my story, in K.C. and elsewhere, walking, or writing, or reading; I always remembered this and kept it in mind. . . wondering on it, and thinking of it, and considering it, whether it may be true or not. . . at times I do feel it is completely integrated and I understand it very well. It’s one of those fascinating, non-local and transcending logic type of things. . it takes many lifetimes to really understand it (or one moment of clarity).

One reason I understand there’s no need to attempt to go back or go anywhere, is one solid realization I remembered (in words at least, until I understood it fully, waking) was that ‘there’ is always ‘here.’ As Seng Ts’an says, when there is trust in the mind, there is no coming or going. . .

Swami Vivekananda, Amma, short for Amritananada Mayi Ma, Hanh, Dogen, Black Elk, Milarepa, and dozens or a few hundred others; Blake, Shelley, Goethe, even Whitman (far more brilliant than I ever knew, when I went further) these were all so helpful to me — many years before, and all the years afterword. There’s definitely one message in everything. . one message of peace, truth, light, life; it’s never ending and boundlessly unfolding, and enfolding back. . Laoze knew it as well.

Forgotten knowledge — the simplest way I can express this today to be easily understood is in DNA. . . We have all the DNA of all of our predecessors within us — so all of those types of consciousness, that is also within us. Patience like a tree or a turtle, and the perfection of all those other life forms, that’s always available to us, if we can tap into it. In reading Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by Druyan and Sagan I realized at one point, suddenly, the interconnectedness of all these life forms, it’s there in the DNA.

As Milarepa says, Fly like an eagle in the sky, never falling into a hole. I always felt this way since I was a kid, and the idea that everything in the universe is perfect, that was there since early childhood as well. So it’s a funny thing — Vivekananda says, this earth is the highest school in the universe. . . One thing I know for certain, is that we can do better — we can make this world more beautiful —

We can become what we were. That is, we can live 100% in harmony with nature, as a humanity, as a planet — our nature is nature; and we are connected with all other life forms on this planet. Earth’s ecology may be super-strong, super-powerful, but it is also a delicate balance. . To me, there’s nothing even remotely as close as important as working for protection of species. . .

But I’ve gotten off-topic, a bit, when the topic is self-realization. .

So – the only other thing I would say is — all our ancestors, are always here with us, guiding us. . . this is true all the hours of the day, all the days of the year; and we can access that, if we wish to. This knowledge is always present, and we can hear our ancestors and guides if we listen closely. We’re always guided, protected, and blessed, when we’re in tune with what our ancestors are telling us, when we enter the spirit realm — and as Mirra said, but also Crazy Horse proved by living example, it’s real.

So how to get to this state? One could simply say it’s nothing other than self-trust, nothing more. Goethe mentioned it, Seng Ts’an explained it beautifully. . . Goethe put it, ‘when you trust yourself, the you know hot o live.

Abraham Maslow’s The Farther Reaches of Human Nature has some good descriptions of the simplicity of the nature of these types of people, as well as ‘Healthy-Mindedness’ by William James; Whitman is a perfect example of it, his students described him as being so kind towards all, they said that he never said bad word about anyone, or any animal.. and would be incredibly entranced, fascinated by all of the little or large wonders of nature.

Emerson is a nice teacher too,
‘There is no great or small
for the soul that maketh all.’

Just see Seng Ts’an for a nice parallel.

In the life of Hanh,

‘It is possible to live twenty-four hours a day in a state of love. Every movement, every glance, every thought, and every word can be infused with love.’

and how to get there? well,

‘Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.’
But as many, many say, it all comes from within, and the soul is the only true teacher. . . we only teach ourselves, etc., etc.

As far as expressing it, one thing I would say is a good way is to write thousands of poems — one’s ability at expressing oneself improves each time, like riding a bike almost. Watts wrote a lot, less poems but still (maybe he ought to have too 😉 as he said, ‘write. if you write, you’re a writer.’

As to the rest, one thing I have always kept very close to heart is Buddha saying,
‘We should protect our desire for the well-being of others as we would protect a new-born babe.’

There are hundreds or thousands of short sayings that open the mind to so much light and beauty, I have always felt this to be one of them.

I don’t feel that any one culture has a better understanding than any other, they all seem fairly equal to me. The highest wisdom, genius, teaching of China, Japan, America, India, Tibet. . . Autralia, though I know less of theirs I’ve noticed that almost every Australian I’ve ever met embodies almost completely the good natured, simplicity of a joyful person and a good tree. . .

Anyway, we are the roots of the tree. . that’s for sure. .

We are a tree, we’re all trees, hah.

And. . . finding your natural state, is equal to finding the enlightenment of all gurus of all the universe, of all Buddhas, it is nothing more complicated or simple than that. . . all the rest will come — and being fearless and kind to others, that is a very natural result of being fearless and kind with yourself. . a Buddha said, someone who is fearless and kind can be considered wise.

You’ve already got it, and nothing is necessary but to

‘Catch it with the cotton,
with the cotton of your skillful mind.’
[ and then ]
So nice to see your post when I hit preview. Yes, it’s essentially an infinite life, and infinite creativity. Best thing I can think of to say to anyone is simply ‘preserve your mind, heart and intelligence,’ that seems to be the most natural and simple thing — find peace, and the share it. Oh one other thing that is very, very useful; is that it’s all an infinite library of information, that’s all that there is in existence, and all we are is the one, divine awareness, the Witness, etc.

Jaya and peace! :heart::sun:

Seek renewal at every opportunity.


“the second one was like I came out of a story, and instead of being a character in a book written by external events; suddenly I was holding the pen, writing the story, and all the events in it; in a whole extra dimension.”

Yes, yes… something like that..!! This is very helpful once in a lifetime. Its really indescribable. I dont know how I am supposed to carry forward the revelation though. But basically it feels like there is so much more and I do feel that we need to make the most of this window on reality too. To have someone to share our stories with, the love we relate to one another here… this was a really big gift.

I understand what you are saying in your second post about existence. Strange how we have the same ideas despite probably being of different backgrounds and interests? An ancient understanding. That is what I have learned and I can’t pretend that a lot of what you are writing is not as I have felt. If you mean to write that existence is like an informationally aware library and that we are one with that then, yes, that is generally what I have discovered… something like that. “We are a master story teller”. That also allows for what I have written about an intermediary realm of reality that I then contradict by saying it creates itself. Its all that and so much more that we can’t really communicate but only know. I don’t want to say any of this for sure because I think we are really meaning to hint at what is actually truth rather than trying to nail anything down for sure when we actually cant. The puzzle of wonder grows infinitely more complicated and yet simpler. There is more to these visions than we can possibly describe. We have no idea where all of this is coming from but this all points to something incredibly wondrous..!!

I guess I am just sort of confused why people don’t “outwardly” talk about this every second, although they are in a hidden way. Am I supposed to forget and lead a normal life? That seems very schizophrenic, trying to pretend I didn’t see what I saw. I dont know whether I should hang up. But I feel that this is my ego being neurotic.

There are visions that can never be fully understood from the ordinary state of consciousness. It deliberately seems to make no sense from the ordinary window, yet we all can experience them and see that we are actually in unity.

I want to be open and I feel like I want to allow people to have room to just discuss their visions even if they dont agree with what we try to put a box on things over in this window.


‘If the vision was true and mighty, as I know it was, then it is true and mighty yet; for such things are of the spirit.’ – Black Elk

Yes. . we can create infinitely beautiful rhythms with a pen, or something like this. I would say, whether to continue sharing your vision ought to be up to yourself. And again back to the self-trust thing, simply allow your inner voice to answer; when it is right to share it, and so forth. I have found that one of the best ways to share it is through poetry and art, I always knew this, and music as well. . Years later as I was older, and had worked on understanding this in relation to daily life and had many other experiences, I went back to songs albums like Axis: Bold As Love, that had been so wonderful for me as a youngster, and found so much transcendental beauty and wisdom in them; such as “Up From the Skies” or “1983: A Merman I Should Turn To Be.”

Music has played such an important part of my life, and I know that a lot of my experience was because of my life experiences before hand, including things like listening to Armchair Theatre on the bus, riding to school at 14. . . that experience was one of the most blissful of my life. . . somehow, at a younger age, the brain works much more magnificently and you can dive into the music and experience more easily. . . And I remember. . . there is a story about the Buddha, when he was a boy, sitting under a tree looking out over a field (as the field goes) he felt a very blissful feeling. . . and many years later, when he was sitting under the Bodhi tree questing for his enlightenment, it’s said that after all his austerity, his mind wandered back to this beautiful feeling he had as a boy, and it expanded and he became absorbed in it, until he reached his nirvana.

Just something I think of. . and other things. . wonderful and beautiful transcendental music from all over the world. . all the most beautiful bands. . from every genre. . somehow it all just fell in my lap, and I feel like some of my mentors were almost divine teachers. . they each came for a while, and shared so much wonder and light. .

Coming back to it many years later, ‘Whisper in the Night’ seems full of higher beauty as well. . .

‘Whisper in the night, over silent evening air; angel gown shines white, all at once, you’re glad she’s there; daughter of your dreams, shine a guiding light for me. For I’ll be here ’til light, whisper in the night. . . &c’

Lots of songs about space. . heh. 🙂

And all kinds of other things, that seem to have so much wisdom and beauty. .

So, writing them down in metaphor and poetry and music is a sort of classic way of sharing one’s visions. . In metaphor, well. . . it can be there in the words, yet one won’t see it unless one’s sort of also reached the same place. Yet then again, some prophets such as William Blake, simply said it straight out in a few places, and many other poets, Stevenson, Goethe, shared a lot of transcendental wisdom and some like S. aren’t really known as being visionaries.

T.M. believed that there are certain people, books, &c who are like doorways to other dimensions. . in the Vedic sense, a guru is supposed to be transparent, and through him the light of God is seen. . Thomas Merton, the Trappist monk, believed and explained several times that the world is absolutely transparent, and God is shining through it all the time. “To say that God is Love is to say that Love is the reason for my existence. Selflessness is my name. Love is my name.” And this same message is seen in Amma, and so many others.
And Vivekananda, “Selflessness is God.”

So there’s definitely a lot, of indications that there’s one message, one wisdom, one truth, only it’s interpreted in different ways, different languages and cultures, yet it all comes together sometimes. . . and it does seem that an ordering of knowledge along the lines of – peace is possible, seek it and share it – seems to be inherent in every culture as the best thing to do.

I know what you mean in saying, ‘do I share it or not?’ As there are conflicting views as to the best way to proceed. . . I do remember Black Elk, essentially saying to share it. .

All I can really know is my own experience, and my own experience said to share it for sure. It was inherent in it, that I ought to share it with the whole world, to tell everyone. . . much like ‘The Dream of A Ridiculous Man’ by Dostoevsky, in fact that, in tone and spirit, was quite akin to my own desire to share. . During the experience, above all I knew this was simple, understandable, and that everyone in the universe could understand it, because it was so simple. I also had the certainty that truth would sweep the world over, and peace would be attained basically immediately. . After all what is illusion in substance? wouldn’t it vanish in the light of truth?

Since I knew this vision was true (as Black Elk knew his was true), I knew that this was genuinely true. . . that light was this near, and the peace and paradise were so near, so quickly approaching. I feel this is one of the most inherent parts of the vision. . the hope and understanding it can break through all darkness. As W.B. wrote, ‘truth cannot be told so as to be understood, and not be believed.’

And yet — words are secondary, for sure; the feeling a little more immediate. . . words don’t quite reach us, but words affect us all..

I always loved what Ram Dass said,
‘We’re all just walking each other home.’

One thing is that. . . inherent in it for me, the very beginning, was waking up, and experiencing that there was infinitely no reason to worry, fear, or doubt, because these and all other things were illusory or like bubbles — and the ego was illusory, the self was — and so there was nothing that could be harmed; nothing that ever died, and since this was the case, there’s infinitely no reason to worry or fear.

Anyway this meant to me, that, although this had nearly unlimited value, if I did not get the message out, it would be alright. . in fact no matter what happened in the entire universe, it would be alright. .

Thinking about the universe now, as we are in it in 2015, one way I can come back to trust, come back to feeling there is no reason to worry; is that I know that many others had the same heroes as I had. . . they lived under the same sun. . so, all my brothers and sisters are bold, peaceful and kind, and they will work for the day when there is never again fear, and that we will reach peace very soon. . .
One way or another, people will begin waking up quicker, and they are doing so already. .

As McKenna saw, the self-transforming machine elves. . .

I believe I know what you mean when you say, ‘trying to nail it down for sure when we actually can’t,’ and I will say this. . . I have never had any enlightening experience that made me less open-minded to others’ experiences, yet I also would say, one of the silliest memes is that we can’t know ourselves, or we can’t know things for sure in life. . . I know for sure I am standing on the ground, when I climb a tree I do not fall; and if I climb 10,000 and do not fall for any of those climbs, I can be fairly certain with 100% faith I will not fall the next time I climb. . . and yet — though I had this faith in myself much of life (although also passing through all other realms and feelings), when I woke up from the dream, felt non-duality, I knew for sure this was real, and I will always know so. . . though I had walked the earth barefoot many years or more, still I knew that once I woke up, felt non-duality, this was standing on the real ground, the source of being, and it was as though I had never been on earth before, but now I was. But again — one thing I can say I have noticed for sure, is that being sure of what I have seen has not made me any less open to others’ insights, enlightenments, or experiences — quite the opposite really. I am always open.

Oh I should perhaps say, about ‘hang up the phone,’ I think he meant taking LSD with that; as LSD is like a phone, we can get a message, but then no need to take it anymore.

As far as teaching, he was definitely one who kept teaching. . . as he said, he spoke because it was his nature to, as a bird sings. . .and I think he got that from Rumi, who wrote, ‘I want to sing as a bird sings, not worrying about who hears.’

Oh – and one thing I have noticed for sure, is that if there’s trust between two individuals, like very good friends, or something like this, especially godbrothers or something; then to share such visions are usually very well received. . . and the person you share it with will be very grateful and glad. . . so that’s one way it can pass along too.

Oh, about different interests. . yes, one thing I can say is I have always tried to learn from the best of humanity’s teachers, and it’s been the best idea I’ve ever had, basically, principle of selectivity is a sort of shortcut, and so I learned from different cultures, all of them I could find really. . .and as I grew more and more, I came to understand that like, Black Elk was as high as any of them, and Vivekananda and Amma and others, Laoze or Milarepa, they were all on the same level and spoke of the same beauty and truth. For instance Black Elk and Thich Nhat Hanh, have always been incredibly close to my heart; and they both lived through wars, and had nearly the exact, exact same message to share. . .

And about the library. . . definitely I can appreciate your statement about informationally aware, that’s a nice way of describing it. . I didn’t have quite the same view but I think it’s pretty much the same. My way of thinking of it was simply, an infinite library, and then a Witness who is self-sufficient. . and my thoughts of it were of the Witness sort of being separate from the library — but then again, as you describe it makes a little more sense too, because of course the library and the source of it are the same. Just a kind of nice difference, I thought.

A week or two ago I had a fairly transcendental dream. . . one of the most transcendental of my life, actually. . . in it, at the library (just a generic one, the one in my town, essentially), I was awarded a room. . like, they gave me a room as a reward essentially. . and, there were only 5 total who got one on that day. . . and in the room, which others could come too, I was able to look up anything in the universe. . . kind of nice dream I thought. . connects with what I believe to be reality; that we all have an infinite library, which is the soul (c.f. McKenna, said this, but also Vivekananda before him, although the latter didn’t invent it either). .

What you say about us being master story-tellers, I definitely agree, and would say that a few days ago, hiking in the forest, I realized I have this view of. . well, essentially write and create. . . some follow the view of trying to be free of thoughts; and I did some of that, but one thing people forget is that beautiful thoughts create beautiful actions – thoughts that bring peace, etc. Simply — if everything’s already there in the soul; still, it is good to create and write stories.

I read your post several times and it was really great. . thank you for writing, solar. It is very good to see.

Peace and love,
. . .

Why is there a reality? Where do numbers come from? Why do facts exist? Why is there an existence? And then the continuous stream of why questions? Things like that I care a lot about. To me, I need to make some attempt at searching for them to feel satisfaction I think.

. . .


( then the post that was at the top, ending in Yaay-o! )

Get to the infinite peace as quickly as possible!
Get to the infinite peace as quick-ly as possible!
Share the infinite peace as beautifully as you can!
Return to the infinite peace each morning, day and night!
Kiss the ground, as you walk upon it, with your feet!

Get to the infinite health as quick-ly as possible!
Share the infinite health as beautifully as you can!
Return the infinite health each morning, day and night!
Kiss the ground, as you walk upon it, with your feet!

Get to the infinite joy as quick-ly as possible!
Share the infinite joy as beautifully as you can!
Return to the infinite joy each morning, day and night!
Kiss the ground, as you walk upon it, with your feet!

Get to the infinite life as quick-ly as possible!
Share the infinite life as beautifully as you can!
Return to the infinite life each morning, day and night!
Kiss the ground, as you walk upon it, with your feet!

Infinite positive energy, joy, strength, peace, beauty and love, to all the worlds,

Take power back for yourselves, become immune to persuasion by seeing the truth for yourself, and attain boundless trust in yourself,

in your ancestors,

in your mother earth – and know your true nature of wisdom, pure heart, strength, beauty, patience, kindness, and love.

Kindness comes from strength, and strength comes from kindness.

Kindness comes from infinite time, and infinite time comes from kindness.

True joy, peace, wisdom, knowledge, and love come from eternal patience, preserverance, rejoicing, sharing, celebrating, and looking for and reaffirming the strength in others that is already there – the peace, wisdom, beauty and love in all that is already there.

Find infinite peace — then share peace work with the world.

Like Saint Anthony who went to the wilderness for 20 years, before coming back as a healer imbued with the Holy Spirit,

Like Zen teachers who went up to the mountain, but then came back down into the village,

Like Milarepa and all saints, who searched infinite peace first, knew it fully beforehand, and then shared wisdom and strength with others;

Like Black Elk who knew the infinite peace, saw the oneness in a vision, and share the sacred vision when it was right.

Like Laoze, who embodied the teachings of the Tao,

Like all wise teachers and mystics, and shamans, medicine men, holy men, saints, all the world round — Find the infinite peace, Then share it.
Infinite Healing is Within You
Infinite healing is within the heart of every living being — every culture has valid pathways to attaining this, and all other powers;

Yet all of it can be attained simply by faith in oneself — simply by restoring unity within the heart/mind/soul/being.

This is the most powerful path to peace, by restoring faith in oneself — also shines light into the universe, for all living beings, without discrimination, distinction, but to all alike;

For all have the same, inherent, blissful and beautiful nature; of pure and perfect health, complete strength, and peace.

None of these things are secret, or difficult, they are all very simple.

If one acts to cultivate kindness, strength, peace, and love within oneself; one will very naturally be acting in the highest way possible —

All health, healing powers, can be restored within oneself, with only a few days of spiritual practice —

Living in nature is one of the best ways to restore all powers, yet they can be found anywhere, in any place, any climate, any time —

Simply by coming home to rest in the here and now, with positive intention and kindness, one can reawaken all of one’s former intelligence, health, and skill.

The #1 key in opening all doors of spiritual life, and sacred healing and truth, is faith in oneself —

And yet, there are other methods and pathways that lead to the same place,

Self-faith and trust is needless to say, the thread running through them all.
flower jump
The thing is, when you were there, I was there, and when I was there, you were there too. This is because all forms in the universe are interconnected, all beings are interconnected. ‘In the spiritual world,’ Hinduism says, ‘all things happen instantly.’ This is kind of like the vision of the infinite, where all forms are interchanging instantaneously, and dancing in one infinite fractal pattern.

Anyway, you are as strong as Christ, as strong as Milarepa, as strong as Dogen, as all the other divine teachers. ‘Teach men the strength that is already within them.’

Instead of having nightmares, I prefer to think of Buddha’s enlightenment, when he sat beneath the Bodhi tree. Right before he reached Buddhahood, Mara the tempter came to him and threatened him, cajoled him, with every kind of taunt. . . and he stood his ground and said, and didn’t fall for any of it. He remained sitting still, and said, “You have no power over me.” He placed his hand on the earth, and summoned the earth as his witness. . It’s a tale, fairytale and legend perhaps, or maybe it’s true – either way. . to me it makes sense.

Like McKenna said, dream the impossible dream and the universe will not crush you under, it will lift you up. . . jump into the abyss, and you will find it is a flower bed. . .
it’s not, dream the impossible dream, and then experience nightmares.

No need to – no reason to.

‘Always be a hero, tell all that you meet, “Have no fear.”‘

(This bird is Dogen. You can see it in his smile.)
‘Here the depth of light and structure in a bursting bud go on forever.’

psychadelic library

‘There is time to see them, time for the whole intricacy of veins and capillaries to develop in consciousness, time to see down and down into the shape of greenness, which is not green at all, but a whole spectrum generalizing itself as green—purple, gold, the sunlit turquoise of the ocean, the intense luminescence of the emerald. I cannot decide where shape ends and color begins. The bud has opened and the fresh leaves fan out and curve back with a gesture which is unmistakably communicative but does not say anything except, “Thus!” And somehow that is quite satisfactory, even startlingly clear. The meaning is transparent in the same way that the color and the texture are transparent, with light which does not seem to fall upon surfaces from above but to be right inside the structure and color. Which is of course where it is, for light is an inseparable trinity of sun, object, and eye, and the chemistry of the leaf is its color, its light.’

‘When we have infinite time, we are kind.’ – me 🙂
Infinite peace, life, truth to all beings in the universe – infinite and pure health, strength and light.

Eternal recurrence: even this day, this squirrel, this tree, this leaf. Each word and action echoes through eternity, so it matters – we matter, each individual human being matters so very much, because we all affect the world so very much. Teach strength. . .

‘The greatest weight.– What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: “This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence – even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust!”
Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus?… Or how well disposed would you have to become to yourself and to life to crave nothing more fervently than this ultimate eternal confirmation and seal?

from Nietzsche’s The Gay Science, s.341, Walter Kaufmann transl.’
Peace and love to all – protect all species. Please. 🙂
Thanks for reading – all power to you.
Do psychadelics evolve your soul energetically and emotionally?
Hey there,

yes, exactly. .

what I found builds on what was laid out by people Watts, Ram Dass, John C. Lilly. . years later I read McKenna too. .

I will be happy to write more tomorrow but I’m off to bed now – The Joyous Cosmology, by Watts, is a really wonderful description of his experiences on LSD, as well as some theoretical framework and his approach in general. . in short, he explained three in particular – psilocybin, mescaline and LSD are medicine, when used in such a way. .

In my experience, shrooms were very eye-opening but my trip on LSD was when I really experienced the divine. It lasted 6 or so hours – the first part was a feeling of absorption, which abated when I moved my body, but increased when I remained still –

So I remained still and it increased until it filled me completely, then suddenly everything flipped – I experienced non-duality for the first time; and instantly I knew there was never a reason to fear, worry, doubt or anything; as all of those were empty, and everything was empty – at that moment I felt my feet on the ground of reality, for the first time – though I’d had a lot of wonderful and a lot of real experiences – to feel that ground of being was. . very real. .

There would never be any doubt after that moment either – for it was just like waking up from a dream. . the rest had been a dream and this was real – and when you wake up, you know for sure you have. . .

Still – this was just the very tiniest hint of what was to come, remarkable as it was – after that I felt like my karma was bursting like an orange peel, and I felt like I went through a hundred or so lifetimes. . . a little while later, I felt my being expand, more and more until it felt boundless; and immersed in this boundlessness I knew this was Buddha-nature. . (needless to say, within all of this, from the point of absorption onwards, was entirely blissful and peaceful)

knowing the bliss and peace of it – then, and later, the best words I could express it in were divine consciousness, divine bliss, divine peace. . as it was truly – from the moment of non-duality onwards – boundless and infinite peace. .

After the experience of Buddha-nature, there was more. . and eventually I saw the source quite clearly – to me, it was a pure white lotus, which was made up of innumerable buddhas, which each were made up of innumerable lotuses, this was like an infinite fractal; and as I stared at it, enrapt by the beauty, I suddenly knew it was myself, that I was not different from the source. Then at that moment – I felt my hand move, and felt, knew that I was moving the universe. . .

I was utterly amazed by this; I had read the same thing by Watts – his description of experiencing the same. . . word for word and verbatim; in his words, ‘the elusive foundation beneath all the forms of the universe turned out to be the immediate gesture of my hand.’

Part-way through this experience – around when I was experiencing Buddha-nature – was also the express desire to share this, naturally, as it’s beautiful and true that there is nothing to fear or worry about – as well as the certainty that it would very quickly spread over the whole world. . . that it was very logical, plain and clear, and that it would be very simple to explain. After all, illusion is not substantial, has no solid substance – so it would naturally vanish in the light of truth. Anyhow – the story of sharing it and how it is not believed isn’t that important – however it’s key to know that it can only be shared when there’s great trust between two individuals – yet if there is that trust and faith – then it is very well and good to share it, and in this way it can be passed faithfully.

So – the conviction that it can spread, this is not misplaced – it just has to be done where there is trust and in a good atmosphere. . . as Blake said; the truth cannot be told and understood, and not be believed. . . but therein lies the catch – told and understood.

Then there is also the skillful means for expressing it – and one of the best ways is simply through metaphor, beauty and art – or in kind deeds of self-less love, or in works of peace, &c, &c. . .

Yet it is clear that throughout the whole world this has essentially been known forever, that infinite peace is there – underneath the forms of existence; and therefore to seek it, to seek reality and then to share it, once found, is the highest goal, really… one will find this in every culture, I believe, at least I have found it in every one so far…

A little while later, I had a second experience, that was somewhat lesser; this one was of a story in a book… At once, I realized that I was not a character in a book, being controlled by external events – but I was the author, holding the pen, in an entirely other dimension… the third time I did it was diminished, so I never sought it again – yet sought to integrate it into my life, and in the last year, succeeded very nicely.

So as you mention – the healing aspects; this has always been one of the most interesting and important aspects of the whole thing to me, as well – for what are the practical aspects of such an experience? Inherent is the sense that one may be a healer; that all are; for it opens up the total mystical and healer aspect of it. . . so after 8 years of integrating it, I do have some good ideas on the subject.

Basically, I believe and have come to understand that all healing is within us. . to transform the consciousness it is possible to heal all things. . also – drinking enough water is very key; and eating healthy foods – but then, all one needs to do after this, is to have total faith in oneself as already healed. . . and then all healing is there. There is much to it, and not only this; but it seems like 95% of it is drinking enough water, eating healthy, another 95% is total faith in oneself, one’s healing, and the last 75% is what one actually does. . . (i.e., jog or meditate, although physical training can be good, it is clearly the mind that heals)

One of the things is – we have all kinds of DNA in us. . . also – we survived an ice age. .. ever since I was a child, this has been a source of strength to me – what could be difficult to us, compared with this? It hasn’t made a superman or anything; but many healing ideas, and much practice in unifying energy and how to use energy correctly, how to rest, and so forth, can give one a real abundance of ease, in all kinds of things. . .

As Hanh described in a dharma talk, ‘we usually wait until we get home to be at home, to be at rest – it is possible to be at home, to be at rest even while walking, while working. . .’ (paraphrased)

but it’s just a point. . . now, there are countless spiritual healing ideas – Medicine Buddha, Hindu mantra, Rastafari mantra, Christian mantra – I always followed my heart to them all; it seems to me that all healing is very possible in any tradition, that whatever the source of it is, we can access it from Navajo or from Taoism or Tai Qi Qong, the essential thing is the desire to heal.

And, as Mirra ALfass described, being unified in our energy is the key thereafter – not getting in our way; and for that, there are some short cuts, besides mantra, to help get totally unified – by sending one’s energy down specific, healing and strengthening channels, for instance,
is a very natural short cut to attaining that unity and faith in oneself, so that there’s no division within the heart/mind and body.

Hanh’s teachings paint the way towards this (my own practice in this age of distraction was to write in cursive, healing statements such as “I am healthy,” “I am strong,” “I am at peace,” and many others – works miracles). . . this is also worked out in the 4th chapter of Varieties of Religious Experience by William James — The Religion of Healthy Mindedness (pretty much the only chapter I needed to read).

Hanh on Being Peace – also Tara’s Dharma talks were among the most transforming experience of my life (before I developed my own practice). . . though I had studied the most wonderful teachings of all the masters, and done much practice and endeavor, her talks brought it all together and helped me transform all my energy.

So – then one practices healing and peace work, and one knows how effective it is. . . and also, the desire to work peace in the world is there, and one comes to learn how effective it can be – how wonderful it can be. .
Hanh and Ram Dass agree. .

‘The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.’

and Ram Dass – ‘the best thing I can do for anyone is just to be present, without projection or judgement. .’

or again Hanh, ‘If you love someone, the greatest gift you can give them is your presence’

It has been quite apparent to me from the first day, that healing is among the most important experiences. . . daily – hourly – moment to moment renewal. In fact the entire spiritual path could probably be summed up in three words, “always choose renewal.” After my spiritual and universal experiences, I have come to understand that healing the planet – cleaning up her air, land and seas – is the primary task for any healer, or any person with a good conscience. To understand the ancient wisdom, it is only necessary to step off the merry-go-round of karmic existence; and while this may seem like a far-away-task, it is only ever separated from us by our own mind. . It only takes one step to be free, the decision to always be strong, and kind, and peaceful.

Once one decides to, all powers will help. And once unity is attained, anything can be achieved – but what should be done? Clearly – as all ancient wisdom tells us – peace is highest, peace is best. No desire can ever match the experience of non-duality, and this can be understood in so many ways.

For a while I’ve understood – if one is healed completely, then all powers are restored. So it has been my life since to focus literally all my energy on this – and from this, this peace has come to me in my daily life. Divine harmony, life, beauty and peace are all available to us – the question is, what to do then? It is clear that to create a new future, a new peace, a new life on earth, is one of the most wonderful endeavors there is. “With one hand we receive, with another we give.”

But it always seems to come back to healing — and all healing is within us; the one falsity in the universe is that we cannot have perfect, total, complete and eternal health, peace, and life.

Even a Tathagata, even a Tulku, even a Bodhisattva and Buddha needs healing now and then, so if you wish for healing — may all healing come to you.


(dedicated to my friend leery, a good friend, and a good healer).
re: (renamed, a question of ego)
Yes, we are losing around 50 species a day on average, when the back ground rate is 0, give or take. So clearly the most important thing is to reverse the trend, and bring back harmony, lushness, beauty and paradise to this world. However – take heart, it is happening at an ever increasing rate. . . the world is waking up more quickly than ever before, and already balance is being restored, it will be okay. It is largely thanks to the efforts of people like you and me; it’s also been going on since before time, however, that people wake up and share truth. In my experience too, everything of these spiritual realizations only makes sense if it can bring real transformation to the world, specifically, for peace, and to protect all species – it seems like a revolution of values to put this as our best goal is in order.

On a higher vision, everything is infinite, as many have seen – but in the world of time and space, certain rules still apply; so the best thing I could share would be to protect and maintain yourself – your body, mind heart and energy – so that you can share light, strength, peace and hope with others – you can be a beacon, or a quasar of hope in the world. In other words, at every point, simply choose renewal; so that you will always be protected. One important point is that we can live in harmony with the cosmos, and the universe, and the planet, and all other life forms – it is a lie to say that for one to be happy, others must be ground under – look at all our divine teachers – Christ, Saint Anthony, Saint Francis, Milarepa, Rumi, Dogen, Lao Tzu, they all knew how the harmony of nature can lead to divine peace and bliss – we can be that loving, that kind, to nature as well, and from this, great and true peace will come.

In one state of mind, it doe seem like there is a lot to do – but don’t worry, be happy; your work will succeed. Don’t worry about the past or the future – only light your candle, and step forward.
The Hsin-Hsin-Ming (Inscription on Trust in the Mind)
by Seng-ts’an

The highest way asks nothing hard,
but detests any picking or choosing.
Only do without love and hatred
and all will come clear and open.

With the smallest degree of differentiation, though,
things grow farther apart than heaven and earth!
If you want the Way right here before you,
have nothing to do with assent or dissent.

Where acceptance and rejection vie for mastery,
this is sickness to the mind.
Without comprehending the Dark Meaning
you strive in vain to still your thoughts.

The Way is round, a vast emptiness,
nothing lacking, nothing left over.
Only because you choose and reject
does it cease to be so.

Never tag after the realm of entanglements;
do not dwell in Emptiness either.
When mind achieves unity in repose,
all else will vanish of itself.

Mind moves, you return it to stillness,
but thus stilled, it moves all the more.
While you persist in two extremes,
how can you understand unity?

And where unity no longer reigns,
both extremes forfeit their merit.
Cast aside being and you find it swamping you;
pursue Emptiness and you stray farther from it still.

Much talk, much worry,
and you’re less than ever able to face things.
Be done with talk, and be done with worry,
and there’s no place you cannot pass through.

Return to the root and you’ll grasp the meaning,
but trail after lights and you lose their source.
For the moment shine your own light—
then you can master the Emptiness before you.

The shifts and turns of the Emptiness
all spring from deluded views.
No need to go seeking truth—
simply put an end to such views!

Dualism is no place to dwell;
take care, never go that way!
No sooner do we have “right” and “wrong”
than the mind is lost in confusion.

Two come about because of One,
but don’t cling to the One either!
So long as the mind does not stir,
the ten thousand things stay blameless;
no blame, no phenomena,
no stirring, no mind.

The viewer disappears along with the scene,
the scene follows the viewer into oblivion,
for scene becomes scene only through the viewer,
viewer becomes viewer because of the scene.

If you wish to understand both,
see them as from the first a single Emptiness,
a single Emptiness in which both are identical,
embracing all the ten thousand forms alike.

When you perceive things as neither coarse nor fine,
how could you favor one above another?
The Great Way is the soul of latitude,
nothing about it easy, nothing about it hard.

People of petty outlook are fretful, doubting;
the more they hurry, the more they fall behind.
Sticklers always miss the proper measure,
certain to set off on wrong roads.

Leave it! Let things take their course!
In the end there’s neither going nor staying.
Follow your nature, blend with the Way,
be free and easy, a stranger to all care.

Fetter your thoughts and you turn aside from truth,
sinking in darkness, no longer well.
No longer well, you wear out your spirit—
what use to covet one thing, shun another?

If you want to grasp the One Vehicle,
never despise the six senses.
So long as the six senses are not despised,
you’re at one with correct perception.

Wise men take no special action;
fools fashion their own shackles.
The Law knows no “this” Law or “that,”
yet you persist in your witless attachments.

Using mind to stir up more mind—
what grosser error than this?
Delusion breeds concepts such as “tranquil” or “disordered”;
enlightenment tells you there’s no good or bad.

All these pairs of opposites
spring from faulty reckoning.
Dreams, phantoms, empty flowers—
why trouble trying to grasp them?

Gain, loss, right, wrong—
throw them away at once!
When eyes do not close in sleep,
dreams vanish of themselves.

When the mind refrains from differentiation,
the ten thousand phenomena are a single Suchness,
a single Suchness dark in entity,
lumpish, forgetful of entanglements.

View the ten thousand phenomena as equal
and all will revert to naturalness.
The very basis of their being wiped out,
impossible to rate one above the other!

Arrest motion, and motion ceases to exist;
move stillness and stillness is gone.
But when neither comes into being,
how can even a single thing exist?

In the ultimate realm, the farthest extreme,
norms and standards no longer hold.
Once achieve true impartiality of mind
and purposive actions will cease completely.

All fret, all doubt cleansed
in the harmony and directness of true faith.
Nothing whatsoever remains,
nothing to be thought of, to recall.

In empty brightness your light shines of itself,
without labor to mind or sinew,
there in the place past reckoning,
beyond the ken of cognition or feeling.

The Dharma-realm of Suchness
knows no “other,” no “self.”
If you desire to approach and enter it,
only say to yourself “not two.”

Where there are “not two,” all is uniform,
nothing not enfolded there.
Wise ones of the ten directions
all make their way to this Source.

In this Source, no long or short time spans:
one moment is ten thousand years;
no “here” or “not here,”
all ten directions right before your eyes.

The tiniest is one with the huge,
all boundaries and realms wiped out.
The largest is one with the tiny,
extremes no longer to be seen.

Being—this is nonbeing,
nonbeing—this is being.
Any view at variance with this
must not be held!

One—this is all,
all—this is one.
When you can see in this manner,
what worries will not fade?

When trust and mind are not two,
not two, trust and mind,
there all words break off,
no past, no future, no now.
Amma love

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Amma love, hugging saint,
(we’re all hugging saints)
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Amma is a saint who has attracted millions of followers with her simple message of love and darshan, that knows no color, no creed, no caste, but welcomes all into her heart and love.
“We live in an age wherein despite immense scientific and technological advancements, we are witnessing the disintegration of many other important aspects of our lives. Therefore our focus today should neither be on dependence nor non-dependence, but on interdependence. This is because humans, animals, plants, the earth, the sky, the atmosphere, the sun, the moon and all the planets are all interdependent.”

Her message is one of very simple effect, that we are all love. . . I remember reading many years ago, her saying,

‘But instead of ‘I love you,’ it would be better to say, ‘I am love — I am the embodiment of pure love.’ Remove the I and you, and you will find that there is only love’
And she emphasizes often the idea of selfless service as a means to understanding life at its best, to use a phrase from a Sufi saint.

“Serving the world with love and cooperation, you will find your own true self. As you help those in need, selfishness will fall away, and without even noticing you will find your own fulfillment.”

“The beauty and charm of selfless love and service should not die away from the face of this earth. The world should know that a life of dedication is possible, that a life inspired by love and service to humanity is possible.”

Amma’s own words

Naturally, love and selfless service have blossomed the whole world round, as a way of making the world beautiful, and they are seen in every tradition. Amma’s own lineage from India and her path is similar to many other Indians. . among whom I can express most veneration for are Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda (the former’s disciple), Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa. . . these are just my own favorites, the ones who my heart has felt called towards; and all should follow their own heart in regards to who one studies.

Like these others, Amma teaches that the self in its natural or best state is love – connected to Sat-Cit-Ananda, or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.

Many here have also felt this pure love at the heart of existence, I believe. . at the source – I would be very glad to know of your thoughts of Amma’s message.
Her service is very simple and lovely, and has earned her the moniker “Hugging Saint,” as her primary form of darshan (seeing or meeting) is to hug someone. . since grade-school I have thought of this value. . one of our teachers taught us “ten hugs a day” is best. . I’ve never kept to that, but always carried the thought along with me, and known that closeness with loved ones is very beneficial and beautiful.
She and several others, especially Thay, have been wonderful teachers in my life, and among others, I have found her teachings on love to be quite similar to Hanh’s, who as he says;

“Through my love for you, I want to express my love for the whole cosmos, the whole of humanity, and all beings. By living with you, I want to learn to love everyone and all species. If I succeed in loving you, I will be able to love everyone and all species on Earth… This is the real message of love.”

“When we are mindful, deeply in touch with the present moment, our understanding of what is going on deepens, and we begin to be filled with acceptance, joy, peace and love.”
“The source of love is deep in us and we can help others realize a lot of happiness. One word, one action, one thought can reduce another person’s suffering and bring that person joy.”

50 Hanh quotes
“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

“May our heart’s garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.”

and also a wonderful way to handle or transform anger:

“I would not look upon anger as something foreign to me that I have to fight. I have to deal with my anger with care, with love, with tenderness, with nonviolence.”

And – the path of selfless love and service naturally is seen in Christianity as well.

One person Thay worked very closely with on peace efforts and interfaith understanding is Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk and theologian.


‘To say that I am made in the image of God is to say that Love is the reason for my existence, for God is love.
Love is my true identity. Selflessness is my true self. Love is my true character. Love is my name.’

Wikiquotes of Merton

‘The whole idea of compassion is based on a keen awareness of the interdependence of all these living beings, which are all part of one another, and all involved in one another.’

Doubtless, or probably, he studied Meister Eckhart. Henri Nouwen is another Christian whose works were very important to me; Way of the Heart by Nouwen is a wonderful book.

Or also by Merton,

“We are living in a world that is absolutely transparent, and God is shining through it all the time.”

There have been countless, innumerable others who have graced this world with their love and many similar ideas have cropped up all over – that joy, faith, love, peace, dedication, are the adornments of a beautiful and satisfying life, a life well-lived.

“When a tree is a tree, when life is life – when a person is a real person, then their happiness profits not only their friends, and family, but the whole world — this is the basis of peace work.”

The interconnectedness of life is a similar truth that runs through every wisdom tradition. All of this beauty, it is found everywhere. It only makes sense, when one thinks of reality as being one, instead of being divided.

Black Elk, Lao Tzu, Swami Vivekananda, and so many others, found this same truth, and shared it so beautifully. Rumi and Kabir, Milarepa and Tilopa, it is seen in so many beautiful visions and lives.
Since this was originally a thread about Amma, two other of her quotes.

“One should see any opportunity to serve as a rare and precious gift…and never waste such an opportunity.”

“As you perform good actions selflessly, true love will blossom, which will purify our emotional mind.”

“Don’t be discouraged by your incapacity to dispel darkness from the world. Light your little candle and step forward.”
The Over-Soul, by Emerson

‘Divine Parousia was entering the world, and the just, the meek and the humble were leaving their fields and factories, pushing back their chairs from their office desks and workbenches and walking out into the light of a living sun that would never set for there could be no setting for the eternal radiance of the Logos. Tears of joy streaming down their cheeks, the illumined billions were turning their eyes at last to the sky and finding there a consolation that they had never dared hope for.’
–Terence McKenna

‘Rise up, O child of the ancient yoga, and be no longer a trembler and a doubter, fear not, doubt not, grieve not, for in your apparent body is One who can create and destroy worlds with a breath.’
–Sri Aurobindo

Jaya Amma,
Jaya all beings on earth,
Jaya Love.
All our Love to the Mother

“I wanna know about the New Mother earth,
I wanna hear and see everything. . .

Love our Mother Earth
Love our Mother Earth
Know the things she does with such delight
Know when she tells you her season is right
Love our sweet Mother Earth


all day, all day, all day,
I sing Radhe, Radhe,
and hear you love.

Mother Divine, George Harrison

‘Mother Divine
Mother Divine
Mother Divine

Haloed and splendor womb
Her face
Tenderly smiling too
Was beauty itself
And I know that she loves me

Mother Divine
Mother Divine
Mother Divine

Circled in sunlight moves
Her eyes
Joyfully shining through
Is beauty itself
And I know that she loves me’
‘We are living in a world that is absolutely transparent and God is shining through it all the time. God manifests Himself everywhere, in everything – in people and in things and in nature and in events . . . The only thing is we don’t see it. . . . I have no program for this seeing. It is only given. But the gate of heaven is everywhere.’
-Thomas Merton
Pagans of course,
Love the divine mother,

poems about the Mother (mostly about Kali, also Buddhist).
‘Perfect womanhood is perfect independence.’ – Swami Vivekananda

‘A woman who wants to be equal with men lacks ambition’ – Timothy Leary

‘All souls are potentially divine.’ – George Harrison
Christians love the holy mother –

by ‘the ardent and holy Novalis’ (quote Emerson)
German classics, Gutenberg


A thousand hands, devoutly tender,
Have sought thy beauty to express,
But none, oh Mary, none can render,
As my soul sees, thy loveliness.

I gaze till earth’s confusion fadeth
Like to a dream, and leaves behind
A heaven of sweetness which pervadeth
My whole rapt being—heart and mind.


Glad I dwell beneath the mountains
Smiling in the darkest night;
Here of love are many fountains
Flowing daily free and bright.

And her sacred waters lift
My thirsty soul above to soar
Where, though still in life, I drift
Overcome, near Heaven’s door

Cradled there in adoration
Never fear can strike my soul
Mother Queen of every nation,
Cleanse my heart, and make it whole.
The Mother by Sri Aurobindo is a very lovely work – short and complete, contains so much about Her – and her different forms, Kali, Mahakali, Mahashakti, and others. . .

Truly, the Mother has so many names and forms – in India, traditionally, every woman is thought of as our mother, and they are referred reverently to as Mataji, which means mother.
Sri Ramakrishna shared one beautiful analogy – the Mother is like a cat – to her kittens, her mouth is safe, loving, to carry them one by one to safety. . and yet to a mouse, her mouth is death. I think of this is as an anology – when we learn what brings complete renewal (to ourselves, and to all life, to mother earth and all species in the inter-connection), then we have all renewal, all healing, all strength, all peace, all beauty and power and love – we have our mother’s aid. . .
love and peace to earth – love to the mother
The divine mother has so many forms – divine earth, the stars; mainly, most all of us think of her as mother earth – and truly, she gives everything…

Hendrix and Joan and so many others inspired so many of us, in this next generation. .

and the best way is to give up consumption. .
some poetry I wrote..

especially this part –

‘Reduce use of resources by 95-99%; it’s very easy and doable;
and spread the message,
of preservation,
reduce humanely to sustainable 1 billion,

all live like royal
explore divine life
for countless millennia,
explore space forever
race to the stars.’
some of it wrote before my dream – like the first two, and then some of it came after.
In the dream,
the way peace was offered,
the way declined,
you saw these,
in infinite space.

don’t mind any loss,
only focus on
the joyous few
who have broke through.

she’s not the kind to just lay in
a big pile with the others

3 has always been a holy #
divine love comes in 3’s

I have been so blessed and protected
since birth. I have had God praying for me.

I had a dream about Jimi; we were very close,
talked about many things. Love our Mother Earth.

“I wanna know about the New Mother earth,
I wanna hear and see everything. . .”

Jaya Amma love
Mother Divine

Reduce use of resources by 95-99%; it’s very easy and doable;
and spread the message,
of preservation,
reduce humanely to sustainable 1 billion,

all live like royal
explore divine life
for countless millennia,
explore space forever
race to the stars.
dancing on a light beam
could be as lovely as we seem
when we become what we dream of-
the whole world experiences love.

all my life, I have been so blessed and protected,
in ways I never understood until the last two weeks.
I have always had God praying for me.
all children on earth do.

Whitman is, essentially, the Jimi Hendrix of the 19th century. His accounts of the civil war are tremendous — he worked as a medic — and his intent love of nature was extraordinary, as well as his good nature toward all. The most wonderful example of humanity, when you have a whole continent to explore, and the natives to learn from.

In the Galaxy, Les Rockets

‘It’s nearly dawn. I hear a sound
In the Galaxy
The country side is calling loud
In the Galaxy
Nature’s Life is gonna die
No more Harmony

This place is no more paradise
It used to be one million years ago
Now you should stop, and look around
Maybe you’ll find you’re not so proud
you’ve burned the trees
Spoiled the seas
Built your cities
And you just let it go

Birds have lost their pleasant voice
In the Galaxy
The country bell is here to tell
No more Harmony

Always waiting till tomorrow
There’s no hope if you just let it go
Open your mind, look at the sky
Dusty clouds obscured the sun

You’ve been foolish
Much too selfish
How will it be next century?
Nineteen eighty is the year
The Twenty first century’s near
There is so much left to do
You gave your orders, then you left
And we’ll just carry on’
Up From the Skies, Jimi Hendrix

‘I just want to talk to you
I won’t do you no harm
I just want to know about your different lives
On this here people farm
I heard some of you got your families
Living in cages tall and cold
And some just stay there and dust away
Past the age of old.
Is this true?
Please let me talk to you.

I just wanna know about
The rooms behind your minds
Do I see a vacuum there
Or am I going blind?
Or is it just remains of vibrations
And echoes long ago?
Th things like “Love the world”
and “Let your fancy flow”
Is this true?
Please let me talk to you
Let me talk to you.

I have lived here before
The days of ice
And of course this is why
I’m so concerned
And I come back to find
The stars misplaced
And the smell of a world
That is burned
A smell of a world
That is burned.

Yeah well, maybe, hmm…
Maybe it’s just a… change of climate
Hmm, hmm…
Well I can dig it
I can dig it baby
I just want to see.

So where do I purchase my ticket?
I’d just like to have a ringside seat
I want to know about the new Mother Earth
I want to hear and see everything
I want to hear and see everything
I want to hear and see everything

Aww, shucks
If my daddy could see me now
Everything, everything, everything, oh everything.’
intention is everything.
a cat who is annoyed with you,
can create a spot that will stay with you
all your life.
it’s still Her love.

‘In societies where men and women have equal political power, rape is rare or even absent.’ – Carl Sagan

‘What is metaphysical, m’love?’

infinite peace, infinite love, infinite joy and success –

infinite understanding –

infinite life to all, as we protect all forms,

and go forth with strength and cool wisdom,

‘warm feet, cool head’

as we go forward with infinite patience, infinite perseverance,

unbounded hope and devotion to love and peace,

eternal success,

steadiness, self-faith and wisdom,

and make this world an incredibly lush, beautiful paradise,

by our kind and successful warmth and deeds.

all protection to all species –

spread the word. the word is love.
Incredible wonder in imaginal reality

Going off of what I was saying with trust and that I am, through language, unable to speak of what can never be said…

This community has been incredibly helpful. What has surprised me the most, when communicating, is that a lot of the posts echo and relive some of my revelations / the revelation. I don’t know how that is possible nor the extent to which I can be expected to now live a “normal” life after my experiences.

I feel like it is really important to not put on a box. We should be open to that there is profoundness going on with Ultimate Reality… wonder so incredible that it defies description. That the mysteries can never be said but only experienced, and so, so much more. It’s also amazing how much we forget and make up new stories after returning to the worldview conception of an egoic self. Sound familiar..??! Why does this happen?

Why can’t we hint of this outside of the shroomery or dmt-nexus? Is it okay to be writing this?

What is the case is that people do have spiritual emergencies, awakenings, mystical visions, and this has been going on. Here, I will make at least one understanding known: “you” (?) are not the only one from this worldview conception who has felt or seen these profound thoughts evoked here and throughout some of these posts. How could it have been any other way when you strip away the illusions?

I need to trust more…


I am trying to be really careful with my word choice here. There may be some difficulty communicating, but I am trying the best I can to evoke. I have a lot of questions.

It is possible to be in the divine state at all times, without any extraneous substances.

It is always okay to write and do and say anything – in the end, we come to the ocean of bliss; in the meantime, we learn how to affect the world in the most positive way.

Without mistakes, we won’t learn – as Emerson said, “All life is an experiment. The more we make, the better.”

The question is – how to do the best good, in the best way possible? And the answer is always there, always within, always available to us, if we are quiet, and listen.
It is a bit of a fallacy to say that we can’t say what is true – words don’t express all consciousness, easily, but also, all forms of the universe are reflected within every word, within every cell and form of the universe.

As T. McKenna explains, the world is made of words. They are more powerful than actions, albeit less powerful than ideas. . .although one might say each of these are equal.

As Goethe and countless others have understood, every word and every action echoes throughout eternity and infinity. Once we understand this – then we will understand how we affect the world; and we will learn to do the most good for it.

As I understand it – a total revolution of our values is in order – particularly, to understand that what is good for the earth’s ecosystem as a whole is the greatest good, the most important thing to do in the world right now.

People in other posts here are writing about the world.

I think we are all hoping for a global awakening.

That’s what we dream about and pray about. Everyone in this story will get the message. We will stop thinking like in a box with conventional ways of knowing, because we will know that there is something more. We will be open to that there is more.

But I am scared about how we divided ourselves, and it concerns me that my ego has made rules. Some are saying here that we can’t wait for this egoic worldview to change, but that’s hard and difficult when you come back and see people so divided. I feel like this place of “ordinary reality” is a playground, but I want it to feel comfortable interacting with others. I believe in unconditional love. There is still a fear I have in interacting with others though. How can I genuinely look onto them and make meaning? How can I be earnest with them?

Sorry, I am trying to “get it out”… let some of these emotions go and resolve into trust…
Just saw your post and I will write more at a later date – don’t worry, anything you say is okay! :sun:. . expressing it in words is useful growth – writing thousands of poems is my best idea for that 🙂

Only once did I ever come across this concept (of stories, explained below, ok done editing now) in the wisdom literature I studied over the years, but I think it’s very interesting.

Especially since you talk about stories a bit; it’s the idea of “liberating illusions.” Typically, illusions are considered not desirable – we would rather have pure awareness, and an accurate perception of reality, to illusions, any day. So the idea of liberating ones is a bit curious. After a couple years I came to the idea that it’s basically like this – a liberating illusion is the kind which you know you are going to be free one day. It is an illusion because you are already free – to see past all illusions is to know freedom – but the ideas “I am strong,” “I am at peace,” “I am healthy,” etc. – these have been my liberating illusions. I think they may be called this because we are not just strong – we are the universe; we are not just at peace – there is infinite peace; we are not just healthy – we are pure and completely health and perfect life. But as a cure for some of the maladies, these are very useful.

As for trust – one of the most interesting and important topics in spiritual life. Like I said before, trusting oneself is the main thing – so I always tell people, have faith in yourself, and since I have been doing this, I’ve found it is the best way. Follow your heart, trust and have faith in yourself; this is the cure to almost everything that’s going on in the world. To be strong, to be kind, to be at peace, all seem to come from the total trust in oneself.

As to who to trust; this to me is also one of the most important things. I have learned that the principle of selectivity runs through everything – if I only take in the best .01% of poetry, art, music, and genius of mankind, then I am most likely going to be getting the truth in the best way; again of course, the criterion of who I choose to listen to is my own heart, and who it feels called towards; but over lifetimes, that skill is also improved and honed. For me personally, I could say, Siddhartha, Goethe, Shelley, Blake, Whitman, Milarepa, Dogen, Rumi, Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, (after I had studied the rest), Laoze, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Tara Brach (though I had studied all for many years, the dharma talks of Tara Brach were the most transforming experience of my life, I listened to quite a few dozen of them, along with Hanh’s later), John C. Lilly. . .

What to speak of books like The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, by Abraham Maslow, A Primer on Group Psychotherapy by Ray Naar, and many other wonderful books. By Mila, I recommend Drinking the Mountain Stream, and as a prelude, Entering the Stream is a wonderful compendium. By Watts, The Joyous Cosmology is a fantastic description of LSD and a divine experience; In My Own Way is his autobiography, (a bit slow an dry for the first 60 pages maybe, but then it gets into some lovely stuff). Then of course Black Elk from the Oglala Sioux is absolutely wonderful. Black Elk Speaks is online, and Wiki quotes has a nice format for reaching him as well.

From the Christian tradition, Henri Nouwen has been wonderful in my life – Way of the Heart is a beautiful, beautiful book, spiritual, about meditation and prayer and God. Thomas Merton has always been exceptional to me – a Trappist monk, and a very good friend of Hanh, leader of the Dhyana or Rinzai school of Zen. Hanh himself is one of my most deeply influential teachers – 50 Hanh quotes link is a nice source of his teachings, although I listened to many dharma talks of his, I also came back to this page many times, as it contains the core of his wisdom very nicely.

Meister Eckhart is a 13th century Christian mystic, considered by many to be among the greatest. . . Goethe and others are indebted to him, I believe.

I will give a brief list of some of the teachers I admired, whose wiki quotes pages are quite nice.

Meister Eckhart
Herman Hesse
Robert L. Stevenson
Ram Dass
Swami Vivekananda
Sri Ramakrishna (the above’s teacher/guru)

Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen have wonderful quotes and works too. . Their works are all good – Swami Vivekananda’s are contained nicely in a book called Living At the Source, and another one by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (Mirra Alfassa) titled Powers Within is an extraordinarily potent book.

Learning to discern truth from falsehood is among the highest skills. . . There are not all those who wish to teach truth and prosperity – some do deceive – I will not mention any of their names, I am only saying this to let you know. . . I have been so lucky, so blessed, to have so many incredibly wonderful teachers come into my life at just the right times. . . and those I should not listen to, somehow I have always sensed it and left them very well alone.

I don’t know if this may seem odd, but it has seemed true in my life.

As far as fantastic things – none of it is really necessary. All of the best teachers are also very, very simple, I believe. Sri Ramana Maharshi is very simple, he teaches just to meditate on the question “Who Am I?” until one becomes absorbed in it, and eventually realizes the Self. Sri Amritananda Mayi Ma, or Amma, simply teaches love and service to the needy. . . It is said that if anyone – when anyone came to Sri Ramana’s temple, the very first thing is that they were fed, he took great pains to make sure this was the first thing, that they were given pure food, given in love first to the divine, to purify it, then to the guest.

One great Swami was famously asked by students, “teacher, I have been having wonderful visions (of some kind), vibrations, or this and that,” and the Swami replied, “don’t worry – keep at your practice, they will pass.”

Zen master Bankei from Japan, was a very popular master as his teaching was very simple, simply realize what is there; his book is The Unborn and is illimitably beautiful and valuable. Bassui is another Zen master from there – very interesting to me, his method of teaching was completely identical to Ramana’s – he taught his students to simply meditate on the question, “Who am I?” and in the words of Ramana, when any thought arises, merely ask, “To whom is this thought occurring?” etc.

Bassui’s last words again point to a very simple approach,

While sitting in meditation at age 61, he said to his followers,

“Look straight ahead. What’s there? If you see it as it is, you will never err,” and then died.

This concept of Zen is very fascinating, and it is lovely – simply to hear the bird sing. . .

And yet oneness is part of their philosophy, the same as Black Elk said – ‘Only when one knows they are one with the universe, will they know true peace.’

When I found this almost verbatim in Laoze, Swami Vivekananda and Zen, I was quite intrigued.

So these are some of the teachers I trust. William James (especially 4th chapter of Varieties) is wonderful, as are da Vinci, Einstein and others. As Einstein said, ‘the true value of a human being is the extent to which they have attained liberation from the self.’ And this is much like the rest of them – throughout time and history, there seems to be one message shining through: seek peace, find it, and share it – for all is infinite peace.

No elaboration is truly necessary, and as Dogen said, much reading is not the answer – same with Whitman, and others, they said to leave the dusty books, get out on the open road, and experience. And yet, study can be of aid – but you can see why the Principle of Selectivity has, throughout my life, grown in importance: why read thousands of bad books, if the option to read a few of the best is possible? It has always seemed that to study the genius is like to bask in its glow (the same is true of poetry, art, music, and the rest, as well, which are also essential in life, and a whole other topic).

On the topic of thinking for oneself, few are more strongly in favor of it than Schopenhauer, McKenna, et al. Schopenhauer was wonderful, there was one point I strongly disagreed with. .

McKenna: ‘None are smarter than you, and if they are, what of it? What good is their understanding doing you?’

Extremely useful throughout my life I have found.

Swami Vivekananda especially was as well – ‘As soon as superstition enters the brain, the mind is gone.’ yet also – ‘Superstition is our great enemy, but bigotry is worse.’

Which is why – equality, the understanding that all are beautiful, no creed, no color, no caste, matter, is so important to me (or probably since it was a core of my personal identity as a child and young adult).

The good guys are all together, so to speak. ‘Perfect womanhood is perfect independence.’ by swami Vivekananda, or Timothy Leary – ‘A woman who wants to be equal with men lacks ambition.’

To me, these are part of my guidelines, always will be – my belief in equality, etc., my regard for truth. So when someone is bigoted, and if a part of their doctrine is to deceive, etc., – that is when I know to avoid.

I won’t say more – and I hope it doesn’t arouse worry – the highest state is to be happy, and not to worry – especially when you learn the etymology of words, it helps to see why.

Socrates: ‘the secret is to spend all one’s energy, not on fighting the old, but on creating the new.’

And what energy we have, maintain, and provide for others is the largest impact of our lives – if we do not know peace, it is not easy to work for peace; but if we are peaceful, then we will profit the world.

Or, again in the words of Hanh, ‘Loving oneself is the foundation for loving another person.’ To me this is very quintessential to the spiritual path – we have to take care of ourselves, learn to be compassionate and kind with ourselves – then we can work in the world for peace. As Buddha said, ‘One should protect one’s desire for the well-being of others as one would protect and cherish a new-born babe. To me this has always been a very, very useful guiding star in life – if my situation is such that I am losing my desire for the well-being of others – then, it’s just not worth it, and I should get out.

To take care of oneself is easy if you know how – largely it is just about avoiding impediments to life as it should be (for all of us). . .

As I say, on thinking for yourself none is stronger than Schopenhauer, although the rest say it too.

Trust is largely about intention – believing in the good intentions of others; it takes a great deal of strength to do so, time and again; but it is worth it, as if one shuts out the world, eventually it seems to work against oneself.

‘Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it’s a feather bed.’

Dogen has a wonderful quote about it too, about all the Buddhas helping you, or something I think, although a quick search didn’t find it – I remember it being on Goodreads, I’ll link it because there are so many incredible gems there as well.

Among other central ideas through the world (universe), several seem to be

1) we create our reality (we are responsible for ourselves)
2) infinite peace exists, it is possible to experience
3) since this is so, our best task is to seek it and share it
4) never mind past failures, always begin anew

Hm, these are off the top of my head, there are others, and a better list could be made.

One essential idea is that we can achieve more than our fathers and mothers, and this is perhaps, one of the most essential ideas in the world. It is natural, and I believe it should always be remembered. We put our best into our children – won’t it be natural that they shall lead us? It’s taught in every school of validity, and yet forgotten as we grow older (sometimes. 😉

‘Grown men may learn from very little children, for the hearts of little children are pure, and, therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss.’ (Black Elk)

As I thought of glibly or gleefully a while back – ‘Children, trust your parents, their wisdom goes back millennia. Parents, trust your children, theirs goes back even further.’

In the words of Goethe, ‘It is a poor pupil who doesn’t surpass his master.’ I realized this as I passed him a while back in spirit, although not in art or beauty. But such a thought should be discarded, probably, as it’s not all that valuable. More valuable is kindness.

One interesting thing, I almost forgot – many of these people didn’t want to be taken all that seriously. I forgot Watts’ exact words on it, but Lilly:
“As I say at the beginning of my workshops, ‘Everything I say here is a lie — bull–, in other words — because anything that you put in words is not experience, is not the experiment. It’s a representation — a misrepresentation.”

As I think of it now, I think it is probably because he didn’t want responsibility for those listening; he wanted them to take responsibility for themselves.

In our day and age, when faith in one selves is so much lacking, it seems that to say ‘have faith in yourselves,’ and to show the kind of life one can lead when one follows the wisdom of genius (within all of us, cf. Emerson) seems to be one of the best ways (with the end goal, as I propose, the saving of the earth, the protection of all species).

Or as Amma says, ‘I am Love.’ Or a la Thomas Merton,
‘To say that I am made in the image of God is to say that Love is the reason for my existence, for God is love.
Love is my true identity. Selflessness is my true self. Love is my true character. Love is my name.’

Vivekananda was a radical to me, and shared so much strength; ideas such as ‘to tell someone they are weak is the only sin you can do,’ and that we should ‘say to all, “have no fear.”‘ His philosophy is Advaita Vedanta, and very beautiful.

One last thing – learn from all; one of the most incredible books I’ve read is Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, by Ann Druyan and Carl Sagan (husband and wife); a book on evolutionary biology and our place in the ecosystem of life on earth (one particularly lovely place was when I realized our inter-connection with other life based on an evolutionary biological standpoint).

I’ve mentioned a few, teachers I trust; I centered around a few; let me know if there are any questions about Advaita, Bhakti, Zen, Christianity or Islam, or First People, I may be able to help, or if not, at least point to some resources.

Kabir and Hafiz as well as Rumi are quite lovely Sufi poets.

Most powerful quote on thinking for yourself, by Schopenhauer,

‘When we read, another person thinks for us: we merely repeat his mental process. In learning to write, the pupil goes over with his pen what the teacher has outlined in pencil: so in reading; the greater part of the work of thought is already done for us. This is why it relieves us to take up a book after being occupied with our own thoughts. And in reading, the mind is, in fact, only the playground of another’s thoughts. So it comes about that if anyone spends almost the whole day in reading, and by way of relaxation devotes the intervals to some thoughtless pastime, he gradually loses the capacity for thinking; just as the man who always rides, at last forgets how to walk. This is the case with many learned persons: they have read themselves stupid.’

Very shocking, when I read it! Because naturally, growing up here, reading is considered so very valuable! It’s what intelligent people do! It took me a while to integrate it – although Whitman has mentioned before – leave the books, take the road; I still write and read others occasionally, but the vast part of my time is not. . .

It also serves to emphasize my understanding of Selectivity.

It’s partly true, though, and it’s why I believe we should all focus on creating new life, new art. . . especially any that can serve to wake us up from the looming disaster (have infinite faith, everything will be alright, but 200,000 additionally people in the world. . . we ought to slow down, wake up, reverse the trend down to a billion or so, so we can have a sustainable life, far into the future, and explore the divine life on earth for many millennia). The sooner such problems are solved, the easier they will be to deal with, and the less suffering humanity will have to go through – so reduce consumption by 95-99% (very doable, and indeed easy ) – one source of strength ought to be (has always been since my childhood for me) that we survived an ice age. What can be difficult after that? Nothing. Milarepa songs of truth and peace and strength help too. 🙂

That’s the prescription for our salvation which I have come to, although others have said a total return to nature far before me.

Sorry it took me so long to write. (since you asked me to write some more).
‘Advice? I don’t have advice. Stop aspiring and start writing. If you’re writing, you’re a writer. Write like you’re a goddamn death row inmate and the governor is out of the country and there’s no chance for a pardon. Write like you’re clinging to the edge of a cliff, white knuckles, on your last breath, and you’ve got just one last thing to say, like you’re a bird flying over us and you can see everything, and please, for God’s sake, tell us something that will save us from ourselves. Take a deep breath and tell us your deepest, darkest secret, so we can wipe our brow and know that we’re not alone. Write like you have a message from the king. Or don’t. Who knows, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to.’
-Alan Watts

Jaya all life on earth,
Jaya love.
today I went to the store and felt an almost absolute state of kindness, bliss and love all the way through. . the check-out – Courtenay – shared a few thoughts – there is no past or future, only the present; and I agreed. . many people felt the same in the store. . one lady asked where a can was, and the brief exchange; I just felt such total love and bliss, all around, even in a simple exchange. .

I really felt it happened about ten days ago; although of course, every day is new.

Agreed about the language thing – I first noticed a little while back – Stevenson for example, writes with a different language, and Blake partly too. . Watts pioneered a lot of work on LSD divine experiences (cf Joyous Cosmology) and we, children many years later, are inheriting some of this, and work to create, new, beautiful language to express it. . although some of this has been around since forever. . and of course, Black Elk and others from ancient tribes teach some of this. .

About the story thing – so true; you can learn from any story. I just flipped on The Wizard of Oz, and I haven’t seen it; or at least, don’t really remember. . and I just noticed, felt it was so divine, full of divine wisdom. . beautiful in so many ways; saw so much more beauty there than ever before. .

just a few ones, “oh my! people come and go so quickly here!”

all of it is divine symphony and harmony

love letters. . .

another – ‘won’t you take me with you?’ ‘why, of course I will!’ (just see Amitabha)

‘we’re all just walking each other home,’ Ram Dass –

Who wants responsibility? But we’re all responsible for one another – all over the world. – cf. Father Zosimov, the letters of his, in The Brothers Karamazov;

another beautiful one, scarecrow and tinman – after ringing on the chest, he said, ‘Beautiful! what an echo!’

‘It’s all empty’

And then I picked up a piece of paper randomly, to write a quote to remember- I started to write Hanh’s

‘Guarding information is not the best way to understanding; understanding means throwing your knowledge away.’

and the paper was blank except for one sentence, as I started I saw, right above it, “One of life’s most important goals is to gain as much useful information from others as possible, while guarding your own secrets wisely. — mike Caro – so hilariously. 🙂 that this happened.

then I thought the divine symphony.

And yeah – that story, is full of divine wisdom – in its own way, equal to Milarepa, say.

One thing is – related to Novelty theory, of which I know little – the rate of change is accelerating, at least for now. . .

with 200,000 more people in the world every day. . . so this means more and more information flooding – so those rare individuals, become more and more rare in a sense; the Rumi’s, the Milarepa’s, the Goethe’s, the William Blake’s. . . divine teachers –

So that makes the principle of selectivity more important. . . to find what is true in life. And yet – this is countereffected by the wisdom, the way we are waking up – happening all over. . more quickly than ever in the last few weeks, the last few months and years. . . with a few hiccups, but we are waking up quickly now.

So this means all people are waking up, coming along for the ride, as this transcendental wisdom becomes more and more understood by everyone –

the narayana darida, the man in the street, the poor, the meek, everyone is becoming aware of their divine nature these days.
(some Hanh quotes)

“The mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this beautiful path, I walk in peace. With each step, the wind blows. With each step, a flower blooms.”

“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.”
“Guarding knowledge is not a good way to understand. Understanding means to throw away your knowledge.”

“A real love letter is made of insight, understanding, and compassion. Otherwise it’s not a love letter. A true love letter can produce a transformation in the other person, and therefore in the world. But before it produces a transformation in the other person, it has to produce a transformation within us. Some letters may take the whole of our lifetime to write.”

“Peace is present right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do and see. Every breath we take, every step we take, can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity. The question is whether or not we are in touch with it. We need only to be awake, alive in the present moment.”
“When we walk like we are rushing, we print anxiety and sorrow on the earth. We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the earth… Be aware of the contact between your feet and the earth. Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”
“I am determined to practice deep listening. I am determined to practice loving speech.”
Thank you all so much as well. This has been very helpful with the supportive vibe, love, and trust for the whole meaning behind this all :heart:

Let us open the mind

infinite wonder :mushroom2:


You are most welcome, sol.

One of the simplest things is just to step off the merry-go-round, or cyclic chain of existence of samsara. It is very easy, if one knows how.

As Swami Vivekananda said, ‘Conscious effort is required if one wishes to attain super-conscious illumination,’ and this is true, but one need not be striving all the time. In fact, it is not necessary;

‘These days I am not bothering about
Getting enlightenment all the time,
And the result is that
I wake up in the morning feeling fine.’

Indeed energy of searching for peace is useful at first; but after a point, it becomes quite effortless. Bankei performed austerity his whole life through; great, great austerity, and by the end, he told his followers it had been unnecessary – simply follow the Middle Way, he advised.

Keeping the body completely in perfect health is wonderful, and one of the most useful aids to life. Again – and this especially, does not require great effort, merely a complete transformation of energy and consciousness.

An example of why – Zen monks (buddhist monks in general) do not run, it is one of their practices; they walk everywhere.

And yet Philip Kapleau lived to be 92, and Zen master Hanh is now 88 and healthy – the point is, our ideas of running everywhere is not necessary.

This is why I often say – drink enough water, don’t take harmful foods, and learn to live in a total state of love, this is the best way to health.

‘Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos — the trees, the clouds, everything.’

‘It is possible to live twenty-four hours a day in a state of love. Every movement, every glance, every thought, and every word can be infused with love.’

It is largely about memes, to the extent that we know we can be perfectly healthy. Our society has forgotten this – pure and perfect health; and it is transmitted through words, thoughts, actions. . . eventually, if you become healthy and sensitive enough, you will be able to feel the impact of when someone says something very false – and weakening – it’ll feel like direct contact.

Not to worry – merely return to what you know to be true; the perfect health, the path to the pure land, the live and love that you know is true.

And if one is like a quasar of love – filled with the energy of mindfulness and love, in the words of Thay, then one will be able to heal others, just with love and kindness, and quiet presence. . . A smile, a laugh, to diffuse any tension, and the best way to bring out the kindness and joy and laughter that is in everyone, that is healing, and that is true and wonderful. . . in this way, to relate to others – is very good.

Or in the words of Sri Ramakrishna – first oil one’s hands with love of God, and then one will not be harmed by anything.

And his other title, Paramahamsa, as he is sometimes referred to as Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, means Great Swan, and part of the meaning of this is that the water of material life or one might say, any false memes, roll off his feathers like water rolls off a swan.
So one ought to be completely healed when going to the world to engage in peace work – the same is seen in every tradition. In Christianity, Way of the Heart, by Henri Nouwen is useful, describes Saint Anthony’s healing – when he was 18, he went into the wilderness and remained for 20 years; then when he was imbued with the healing he found deep in the desert, he returned to town and for many years did very good work of love.

Laoze and Ram Dass say the same thing -the best thing one can do for others is to transform oneself, Laoze says, leave the world alone. .

In the words of Alan Watts – ‘muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.’

And in the Zen tradition, the idea is that one comes back to society, one goes up on the mountain, but then comes back down.
Oh – I was going to say, going out in nature is the best way, one of the best ways, to learn about the pure health and perfect health with which we are all endowed from birth, and which we can re-awaken and attain once again at any point. . . Christ taught it rather strongly, I believe, as did all the other divine teachers.

Jetsun Mila, or Milarepa, is one of the greatest saints – a saint-poet from Tibet, who lived in the mountains. . it is said he sung 100,000 songs. . my best experience of them was reading Drinking the Mountain Stream. He also avers that the best thing one can do is to live in the mountains. . .the next best is to be a wandering ascetic, the third best is to to live in a hut outside of town, so on down the line, to house-holder status, when one lives in wisdom and love, even while engaged in ‘ordinary’ affairs.

(cf Dogen)

Then again, there is no enlightenment outside of daily life – the point I am trying to make is that sometimes, retreat is absolutely necessary, and to spend time in nature. . . I would always follow Mila’s advice, personally. . Christ seems to have taught very essentially the same thing.

The druidic and shamanic path is also very well-rooted in nature.

Or as Whitman says, ‘I have found the way to perfect health, it is living outside.’

So, this is very essential – find the total peace, first, and then try to engage the world in peace work – otherwise; one is like trying to save someone who is drowning while one is yet still in the water. First, find the solid ground of reality, and very-well rooted in reality, all the rest will come very naturally and easily.

The reason why it is so beneficial to share secrets of strength, peace, life, with all – is that, as Vivekananda understood, almost all misdeeds in the world are done because we don’t know we are free, and strong. So share love and light, peace and strength, with all, like a quasar – as Vivekananda said, the one thing that creates all of our problems is telling someone they are weak, they are sinful – this creates the rest of it.

So the best thing I could ever say is be as kind, strong, wise, and lovely as Milarepa – then nothing will be a problem again.
‘A human being is like a television set with millions of channels. We cannot let just one channel dominate us. We have the seed of everything in us, and we have to recover our own sovereignty.’

One secret of yoga is to gently roll the eyes up, toward the back of the head – this sends waves of relaxation throughout the body; I am fortunate to know hundreds of such secrets, many or most of which I learned in childhood, as my father had been around a lot, and learned a lot of good things. For about 10-25 seconds.

But if I share this, most won’t understand – so mostly I don’t share many of these secrets, although basic things like massaging your feet and calves, or reaching total and deep relaxation throughout the body – renew it completely, and give much more strength and so forth. Then one can work all day and all night if one wished to or needed to (although for what would one need to do this?) 🙂 Most of the work of society being done right now is unnecessary and material – nothing is needed for infinite peace and love except for a sound mind, body and heart – no material consumption except for a few pure foods, plenty, plenty of water, and the light and love that comes form an easy, natural life with much love, harmony and plenty of plants and animals around one.

Oh – in many places I don’t share shroom stuff or talk about that – or psychs, although, it is of course becoming more and more understood throughout society that these are medicines – but since it is here, I thought, I will be able to share an experiment on the eye-roll test theory. Having done this on shrooms, and felt entire waves of bliss and relaxation roll throughout my body, I have done a test that re-affirmed my understanding of the physiological mechanism – I already knew for sure its benefit and efficacy and truth, but this proved it beyond any doubt. It’s useful although not necessary – an aid to the relaxed, peaceful and natural life, the joyful, strong and successful, fortunate one; but it works well with other techniques and practices. Also, I haven’t done shrooms or psychs in many years, having followed Watts’ advice, ‘When you gets the message, hang up the phone.’ Although I did them three times each or so.
One thing I meant to say way earlier is – among all these teachers, few experiences were as transforming in my life, daily life, as the dharma talks of Tara Brach. Though I had studied the wisdom traditions for several years, and practiced much, and made much progress – hearing her dharma talks was what really brought everything together, as well as Dogen and a few others. . . they were (are) very directly to the point of it, the crux of the matter. . . Still, one ought to take it a bit further, and develop one or two practices of one’s own, I believe – but these talks were so wonderful.

tara’s dharma

I never cared too much for the guided meditations – I preferred meditation to be in the free-flowing nature, walking meditation through the woods, gazing at trees very far distant, to loosen and relax the eye muscles, singing gatas, etc., but the dharma talks did the trick (McKenna’s trick). . . I listened to maybe two or three dozen over a year or two; still lovely, but I haven’t heard them in a long time. I am just as happy to listen to Jimi’s axis; bold as love, these days, or Planxty or Archie Fisher.

I would listen to them on headphones, while walking through the peaceful neighborhood streets, or through the woods. . . most lovely. I also listened to Thay’s talks, very many are very very wonderful. . . countless times I meditated upon the moon, remembering him say, “The Sun is a Buddha, and the Moon is a Buddha.” Also, I will never forget how Buddha’s enlightenment was based on a boyhood feeling of bliss and love that he felt. . . it is said, under the Bodhi tree he remembered this, and it filled him and became his enlightenment.

Oh, stories.

Looking on your questions – which I have not answered yet – particularly about the fear – I have passed through all fear, and all I can say is wait for it all to fade, it will fade. One way I have thought of it and looked on it is that pain and fear can one day be left so far in the distance, that they are no longer even really existing.

As to relating to others – cheerfulness, glad humor, light, looking for the good in them, all these help transform interactions into mutually beneficial, and so forth. . Michael Carbonaro is a master of it, in the worldly arena – Cesar Milan as well, I have no idea of their beliefs of philosophy naturally, yet it is good to see goodness wherever it is, and learn from anyone.

Whitman is also spoken of by his friends and students as being so, so incredibly good-natured that he never said an unkind word towards anyone at all, or any being. . Just a lovely and interesting thought, I have always thought since I discovered it.
Non-duality is a concept that’s taught in both Buddhism and Hinduism, especially in Advaita in Hinduism and Zen in Buddhism. Zen teachers of old, such as Bassui, Bankei, Dogen and others have all touched upon it. Sri Ramana Maharhsi and Bassui, interestingly, taught almost exactly the same path as each other, primarily teaching their students to simply ask “Who am I?” as a practice to self-realization. The idea was to return to the question as one-pointed exercise. To improve concentration along the away, eventually realizing the Self. When any thought occurs, Ramana taught, one should simply return to self-enquiry, and ask, “To whom is this thought occurring?”

Anyway, this little blurb aside, what I wanted to know are what are your experiences with it? What did it mean to you? How has it related to your growth as a person in general? What was it like? What has it meant for your life?

This sort of thing – thanks in advance!

I think a lot of people especially on this forum have benefitted immensely from a non-dualistic outlook. Philosophically it explains a lot (like how all religions can share a common ground and be true in their own right), and spiritually the practice is essential as onceinalifetime described .

Cosmic consciousness arises in the heart! I feel i have learned this from Self Inquiry (•‿•)
Rastafarianism & Reggae Revival
I’d like to see it for sure.

I just had a funny thought run through my head:

Jaya Jaya Sri Natty Natty Jaya Natty, with a bit of an a sound at the end of the second Natty.
I really agree with “Music and herb, the healing of the nation… Sent from Jah, whom we praise,” – Peter Tosh in Buk-Inn-Hamm Palace.

I also – didn’t know this until reading one of Michener’s books, Carribbean – am interested by the habit of Rastafarians to only use positive language. . or to only use good words. I guess, I’d seen a hint of this from Dark Angel (pretty cool Sci-fi show set in the future, post-EMP with monsters and genetically altered heroes :p) – heh – where the Rastafarian in the group uses words such as “Overstand” instead of understand.

I have found myself doing something like this in poetry. . I gradually came to this realization, there are certain poets who use a different language, a different kind of language. I mean – every artist has their own language. . but I began to see that in the poetry of Blake, Stevenson, Whitman, and, a lot of others, but these and a few others seemed to have this. . Blake is a slight exception probably because he delved into it just a bit. . But honestly – and I just realized this – I feel, well first, nothing dark in it when Blake describes Hell and what not, from the immediate first, you can see that the Proverbs of Hell are sincere and genuinely wrested from Blake’s breast, as wishing to be useful knowledge – and indeed, his Proverbs of Hell are astounding, wonderful, beautiful aphorisms- honestly, outlasting the test of time when Goethe’s (whose work lives on) and Da Vinci’s do not.

I’m rambling and that’s an entirely other topic which we could get into if you like. Although I say they do not last the test of time, this doesn’t mean they are not wonderful in their own right, to be read at an early stage in life, the same as Descartes and Siddhartha and Abrahama Maslow and Dostoevsky and the rest. But then again the ordering of when one learns things is hardly important. I wouldn’t have understood or appreciated Children of Dune in the same way as I had, since I waited until I was 25 to read it. . It was, like Star Trek, one that I came to late – but still glad that I did; and yet I could hardly say that my enjoyment of it was any better or worse. Better in a way, yet I could not say the other was worse. 🙂

And reading Flowers for Algernon, and all the other beautiful ones young. .
Ah, but about Blake – I forgot to mention what I realized. It was that his depictions of Hell and so forth as benign is a reflection of the world status quo: that the material world is upside down. Not knowing that we are one with the source, thinking we are separate from reality), the pervasive error in fact the only error really.

Anyway, back to words – like, you would never see the w word in Stevenson’s poetry (I was going to say Blake, but. . you never know). .
Or really, quite a few others.

What to speak of someone like Dogen;
I really believe that in restricting yourself to the top 1 in ten million, or 50 million teachers, or concentrating the most effort on them – studying them, learning from them, you can always learn more than you might imagine. Goethe said, it’s a poor pupil who doesn’t surpass his master.

I’m not saying that an absolute good or bad exists in language; and yet, words have power. . They have a great deal of power and the very fact that our language exists as static definitions, is something that tends to hold us back.

We will experience a lot less of the transcendental side of life, if we are never allowed, or not even able to talk about it. Not able because of our language. .

I say this because if it’s not commonly accepted, understood, and expressed in language, then it will be poorly understood, and things that are poorly understood are castigated and chastised.

Therefore, expression of it is very good. But still, our language in its static state doesn’t relate direct to experience. It doesn’t capture or express anything truly real, and yet it can – and again, there you have the very few. . because those very best ones… they have a way of passing transcendental knowledge.. I can truly say that Milarepa, Rumi, Dogen, and so many others. . .

Like if you just divide all of the thinkers into a spectrum, at the very top you have a group who can experience truth and share it, spread it genuinely. And this group is incredibly small. But they are actually very, very good at it. So have hope.

Oh yeah, so language has power, words have power. It’s not all that important because people have power, and if we all take power back for ourselves, then nobody will have power over us.

This is something I would really, really like to say – all I am ever doing on here, or anywhere, is just to try to share good ideas so that I can be stronger, happier, more intelligent, kinder, better able to do things and also, wiser in understanding that it is okay if I do or do not do anything (that’s an interesting topic, in itself). .

But I want to say – I want anyone I meet, run into, here or anywhere else, to have the freedom to be theirselves. .

It’s something – why the Taoist approach is to do nothing, is because – if I want you to be free, but you don’t feel free – no amount of my straining or trying to help you will ever help you. So Ram Dass reaffirms: the best thing I can do for you is work on myself (although now I finally make the link on that one – okay, direct quote from the Tao Te Ching, Dass, gotcha 😉


It’s also very, very beautifully expressed in the sorrows of Young Werther
(one of the most beautiful, moving books I’ve ever read. . Napoleon loved it so much he took it with him on his campaign to Russia, and also wrote a parody titled “The Joys of Young Werther”

Oh, another thing I think about about words…like, Black Elk, had a few things to say about ’em. I like how in his book, it’s subtitled somewhere “The story of all that is holy and good to tell,” even though he experienced war.

A couple months ago, although all the time I knew both of them I loved both of them, appreciating how similar they were, as well studying their beautiful minds’ work – Black Elk and Thich Nhat Hanh, both lived through war; the First People and the Colonists in the first case, and the Vietnamese war in the second. One of Hanh’s quotes struck me.

“We who have touched war have a duty to bring the truth about war to those who have not had a direct experience of it. We are the light at the tip of the candle. It is really hot, but it has the power of shining and illuminating. If we practice mindfulness, we will know how to look deeply into the nature of war and, with our insight, wake people up so that together we can avoid repeating the same horrors again and again.”

Coming back to the topic – and I do apologize, sincerely, for rambling off topic.. it does happen when you’re high. . .and if you ramble on in long posts I will be glad to glance at it, absorb it all instantly on one level, and glance around and catch pieces of it consciously on another level, and gradually get to know you too.

Oh about Reggae/Rastafarian. . I’ve delved into as much as I can without actually wanting to be a Rastafarian and go live in Jamaica, I mean that is so attractive to me. There is one thing I disagree with them about in terms of lifestyle, but I won’t mention it here because it’s not that important. Heh, again coming back to Goethe, “If I am to listen to another man’s opinion, it must be expressed positively.”

But it’s really beautiful, and about Marijuana being a sacred herb, and healing, I am absolutely in agreement. It’s probably one of the most important things to do, is to shift public perception and laws about this. Because when you are stressed and worried, etc – you make poor decisions, compared to when you are relaxed and happy – almost unilaterally. . . Like, you grow. . Being relaxed and happy all the time is possibly, by the way.

As Carl Sagan put it-

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”

And I completely agree. When I was 15, and first smoked, the first 3 months were some of the most blissful of anything ever to come later. It was a transcendental experience. . a peak experience, to use the terminology of Abraham Maslow. And nothing will ever compare to that period of time and yet – I know it will, if only because I have complete faith in possibility of enlightenment – even if that may come only when I am 70, or never.

But I wouldn’t I couldn’t possibly ever have become the person I am today, of course, who knows, I can’t say that I’m really good or really not, I just became what I thought I should be. . . I’ve done the best to make the right decisions and choices for my growth. To find peace whenever I lost it and always search for more and more understanding of peace and life and people and love and anything else. . .

Oh yeah – now, my connection to that period of time, is very little because now, all it is is a memory. . but I cannot remember it really all that well. . I can remember several wonderful moments, occasions, probably a few less than other periods of my life, but still a few, but other than that. . . memory, even if it is a really good one, is not all that good at recreating events, and after a certain amount of time, they do finally fade.

However I am fairly sure the analogous experience is very much possible. . Later on in life – you don’t feel quite the same bliss from smoking pot, I mean, gradually our experiences change, and it’s just, it’s never the same – so I finally realized, the simple truth therefore is to make up for it, by learning to be slightly more happy without. 🙂

Learn to be happy with just the right amount of contact with all the right things.

Ah…aha! Instead of rambling on way past the point of decency about siddhis – decency is right here – I will wrap it up and bid you adieu.

Was just gonna also say in Africa, in some places they smoke it before battle, as it banishes evil spirits from oneself… the Rastafarian quote I remember on it is that they say it lets them see truth, like removing the wool from one’s eyes.

And I know the slight error in saying we can be happy all the time, that sometimes events in life make you sad. Still, I learned at 18 that death is not something to grieve for. I had a friend at work who overdosed and died, and at first I grieved, and went pretty deep into it. . I just allowed myself to explore the feeling, to explore the emptiness of it and loss, and then suddenly I felt the life that his death had created space for. .

It’s hard to explain how I felt that it was just, that death and life were part of each other. And a couple years later I had an LSD trip that took me there. I went back once more and had one last trip and since then I haven’t done any psychadelics, although once or twice in there I smoked DMT, and I am not complete opposed, I just haven’t sought it out these years.

Any time we die we some how create life for others. Do we get to live on? if we want to?

maybe we just get to feel everything for an instant, then vanish.

I don’t know.

I do have this feeling that there’s a simple answer, that nirvana or whatever it is, is very simple.

In fact I had the distinct impression in the middle of my trip that the entire world would awaken instantly , illusion would everywhere vanish, and paradise would be immediately attained.

So come on, what’s the deal, people?


just teasing 🙂

Death creates life, and life creates death. This is because life consists of consuming life. If we were another type of creature, we would literally be cannibals, the larger of us eating the smaller ones.

That sounds disgusting and it is, so therefore, if you didn’t have any attachment to disgusting things, it wouldn’t bother you. .

But the principle exists and is true philosophically, physically, and in reality. . death is infinite peace, and we all get to have it.

Sorry for the disgusting bit, lol :p
fortunately we’re a self-defining creature. I suppose that’s good. Would you appreciate a creature that was beautiful, but couldn’t assert choice or free will in determining its destiny?
In daily life we try to solve problems, DNA’s mode is to absorb it and attach it to the end of a line of code. We are an amalgamation of many different creatures. I believe Milarepa and others who are doing those incredibly things are basically tapping into the body’s ability to self-control. Like, frogs can do ridiculous feats of filling the veins with glucose before freezing solid, for months in winter, and then thawing and coming back to life in the spring. . and turtles of course can do awesome things like that – so I just feel.. you can kind of bring out the patient frog in you.. that there sort of is all these previous ancestors within us, and learning to sit and meditate in a cave in the Himalayas, in all seasons, is like bringing out this other consciousness but also body some how. .
it’s not exactly a new idea rattling around in my brain, when I was a kid, when I thought about it, it was a hermit crab.

Switching to a frog, or reptile’s point of view from a consciousness setting, could seem like simply a delving in to animal consciousness, and nothing interesting to humans, but when you think about what a tree’s experience is like, and you can see how a tree is like a half-way step from us to cloud. And to be a cloud, that would have to be nirvana, right? That’s the whole thing – nonexistence? Or here is another variation of a tree in the woods – does something that isn’t conscious exist?
Advaita Vedantists will reply that everything is consciousness.

In any case, going to a frog – or even a tree’s point of view – would be a great leap indeed, as all of these other life forms seem to have different senses of time. Would you like to experience the life of a tree from its view if it were possible?

The best I can understand it would be that this ability – which is like some other animals or plants, but yet, retaining all of our personality, individuality and skills and everything – this is the essential ingredient of anything involving transcendence – from Emerson to Milarepa. Science confirms it and shows us that the healthier portions of or brain are expanded in their activity, and. . you’d have to do the research, but essentially, sitting still is the same as gathering life force, energy to you.

The ability to control the heat of the body that Milarepa is said to have mastered, allowing him to meditate in very cold temperatures with only a single cloth garment, perhaps this is real and if this physiological change is possible within the body, what else?

Again I must beg your pardon, for posting so off-topic, but you see, one can fall into a state of laziness that it is too impossible even to change to another thread – it is all only one subject, anyway, right?

Just joking about the lazy thing – I am really not lazy, just relaxed. Ah, now you will think me lazy, but I forgive you. :crazy2:

Correction; I am a lazy thing.

Peace :sun: :mushroom2:

Shine, make the world a beautiful place, that’s always where it’s at, I would say. Be accepting and kind – that literally improves our immune system, you know. Anyone who observes, performs, or receives an act of kindness receives a corresponding boost to the immune system. It seems very clear that we have evolved to have this biological inducement to connection. This is probably why the Dalai Lama believes, “My religion is kindness,” or as Sri Aurobindo put it, “My God is love, and sweetly suffers all.”

I do an admixture of yoga, Tai Chi, Kundalini and Aikido warm-up exercises. I definitely recommend it for anyone. The Aikido ones are all largely centered on looseness, and staying relaxed. There is one Kundalini exercise that is amazing; it strengthens muscles that don’t seem to get used often, in riding bikes or walking, or even many other things. It’s the same as one of the Tai Chi ones, but it’s standing in a solid stance, having your arms outstretched, and looking forward to backward in a 180º turn. I try to do it as fluidly as possible. Something about it seems to really get to muscles that aren’t strengthened often, and it seems to have a very nice overall effect, on total health and especially the back. I do find that any exercise like these has a gradual, cumulative effect toward concentration and wellness.


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